[First Impression] Noona Over Flowers 花样姐姐 Chinese Version

I have been watching the newer version of 花样姐姐 for the last three weeks and it has been quite the hot topic on weibo and other chinese social networks. A lot of comments (both negative and positive) have been said about kpop star Victoria (f(x)) and all the other casts, but I will get to it a little bit later…

Don’t they look adorable? This is the full cast: Song Qian (Victoria), Lin Chiling, Ma Tianyu (from Ancient Sword), Xu Fan (徐帆), Xi Meijuan (奚美娟), Wang Lin (王琳) and Aarif Rahman (from Empress of China). They will be touring Europe and have so far been to Italy and Turkey.

Let’s start by talking of Lin Chiling. She is so pretty! Pretty much everyone watching the show is complimenting how nice, elegant and youthful she seems even though she is almost forty. She is the only member of the cast (apart from the two boys), who seems to get along with everyone and her English is well articulated and really cute. I also have to admit I am in love with her wardrobe; so classy, comfy and feminine all at once.

Victoria, on the other hand, have been a little bit of a disappointment. As someone who started the show for her, I felt her appearance on the camera was not as comfortable as the others. This may be because she is not familiar with the Chinese entertainment, because of the age difference (been the youngest female member), or even her lack of international knowledge (she doesn’t speak English). A lot of people are bashing her continuous aegyo and nagging and I have to admit it is indeed super uncomfortable to watch ([edit: it is a lot better in episode 5 ^^]). She just seems to not respect the other members and only be there for fun! Am I wrong to think so? I don’t know, she can probably try a little harder. The good thing is no one among the cast really hate her actions except the viewers, which is probably because of how the TV show is edited.

Ma Tianyu is cute!! He is not even on my bias list but I still find him super adorable and fun to watch on TV. He always try to make everyone else comfortable before himself, look around to make sure no one get lost (even though he himself often get lost xD), and help  out each time someone needs him. Even though he is a B-list celebrity, he just looks like the nice guy next door you can easily talk to. Also, great fashion sense for a guy ^^ which makes him the perfect eye candy. Aarif Rahman is the complete opposite, he speaks English and is the resourceful guy who serves both as a mediator and a tour guide. Each time there is a problem, he is the reliable person that the elders go for help. I love how hilarious and easy going he is.

I don’t really know the other cast members and don’t feel like I watched enough to judge them yet. Sometimes, you can really feel the moody woman coming out of the elder ones and it creates unnecessarily complicate situations in my opinion. For example, when 王琳 started nagging because she wanted to eat chinese food, the show seems to focus a lot more on her even though it wasn’t even such a huge deal. I was seriously like, god, just leave her alone .-. .

Overall, the cast is not particularly hilarious (except for Aarif, he is so awesome xD) but the flow is not bad and as I watch it, I slowly find myself attached to its characters and excited to watch the next episode. Definitely something fun and light if you are not too exigent about your reality shows.

6 thoughts on “[First Impression] Noona Over Flowers 花样姐姐 Chinese Version

  1. archidisign says:

    I was thinking to watch it too for Victoria, but now I am not sure.*_* I am actually surprised she didn’t do well. She appeared in the male version of the Chinse variety show (Grandpa over Flowers I think) and was quiet natural. Hope she will become more fluent and pleasing to watch as I really wish her success (she is so adorkable!)
    Ma Tianyu is a cutie pie :3


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Actually, she also got a few bashes on her Grandpa over Flowers appearance. Maybe she is not well cut for the Chinese entertainment? Who knows, I am still anticipating her next drama though🙂


      • archidisign says:

        😦 Seriously? I liked her xD
        Maybe Korean variety can be adapted to Chinese Market, but not the aegyo full type of behaviour?


  2. Hi, I just happen to visit your blog and came upon this post. Dragon TV did a horrible editing of Victoria. If it weren’t for Victoria’s c-fans, I think many of cnetz would have never learned about the “truth” behind this incident. I recommend you these two posts.



    As you probably saw, every single sunday after this show aired, Victoria always appeared on top10 weibo celeb search (often reaching no.1 spot). Out of all the casts, she brings most attention online. It is understandable that the TV station would use the popular cast’s name to promote their shows, but this was just purely wrong approach.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hi! Totally agree, Dragon TV has the worst editing and I think I will not watch anymore of their variety shows😦 for example, Wang Lin (one of the noonas) looks so high maintenance and picky on this show, but acts really nice in another show I recently watched: Star Chief Battle. So yeah, they are probably editing it so that everyone looks mean and they can get more views :”( But I still think Victoria has a lot of aegyo (or at least more than the average Chinese star), it is just the editing made it look awful instead of adorable. Thanks for the links ^^


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