Trailers of 03/26/2015-04/02/2015 and my fast opinions

So in the past week, a lot of drama trailers had came out in the C-entertainment. Most of the time, when a trailer is out, it means like at least half of the drama is filmed. However, sadly, that does not mean the drama had receive a broadcast date. Instead, the producers of the dramas are actuall trying to use those trailers to attract potential distributors who would want to buy the production and of course, give it an air date.

The Shaw Eleven Lang 2015

potential: *****

This one is starring the always handsome Yan Kuan. I am still not sure if it is a fantasy or wuxia based drama. From the trailer, the story seems to be about love and friendship, but also about staying true to ourselves (being able to be loved, the purpose of life, sacrifices, dilemma, etc). It is obviously going to have a lot of fight scenes, which I love, and some fantasy elements ( a lot of CGI!) I will definitely keep an eye on this drama because it sounds awesome! Plus, so many badass female characters 8D

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

potential: ***1/2

I am normally very selective when it comes to Chinese Modern drama. This one is about love and sacrifices (understanding that not everyone can get a perfect love story, how people will react in front of illness). I love how this one sounds very mature and doesn’t have annoying plotlines. Sadly, I don’t know any of the actors. So, I will watch it only if there is a good review for this one…:/

MEN-friend – Park Hae Jin

potential: **

First, I don’t know any of the actors.:/ So, the chance I may watch it is already really small. Based on the trailer, there is a lot of silly scenes (supposed to be comic, but I obviously have a deficient humor). Characters are working in the office, but they sound more like spoiled brats than actual workers. I will pass, thanks. The positive thing I see in this drama is at least the camera work and costume/decor design are easy on the eyes.

On the bright side, this drama has Park Hae Jin who is really popular in China thanks to his performance in YWCFAS and his appearance on chinese variety show Happy Camp. Wish him luck!

The Female Assassins in the Palace 2015

potential: ***

Short trailer, but too much revenge oriented. Apparently, it is going to air soon, but I doubt I will like it.

大玉儿传奇 The Legend of Da Yu Er

potential: ***

It looks like a very high budget drama, but it sounds too serious. I am sure there will be a lot of palace plots, murders and conspiracy between the ladies. Definitely a reused formula in the Chinese Ancient Drama department. I may try if it becomes popular and gets positive feedback.

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