Chinese Variety Show ‘Hit the Road’ with cute fresh idol c-actors


Season 2 of Hit the Road started filming in the past week in UK and a lot of goodies came out! The celebrities starring in the show include Zheng Shuan, Jing Boran, Ivy Chen, Yang Yang, Ning Jing, Mao Amin and Xu Qing. I personnally am only interested by the four first named youngster casted.




7 9


After the success of Love Across Time, Zhen Shuan and Jing Boran have been shipped together like crazy. They will definitely be the highlight of the show! At some point, I am to wonder if the stills that came out are for this variety show or for the drama they did together at the beginning of this year.. (SO I decided to put a bunch of their pictures together, instead of hurting my head to see which pics is for what kekeke) Anyhow, Zheng Shuan have a few dramas coming out soon with Hawlick Lau (Yang Mi’s husband) and with Chen Qiao En (Joe Chen). As for Jing Boran, he has a new movie coming out soon with Andy Lau and Eddie Peng.






The other highlight of the show will definitely be Ivy Chen and Yang Yang. Both had received great public recognization as cute and lovable actors that everyone can like. Ivy Chen’s movies are receiving a lot of attention, including the movie adaptation of BubuJinXin ‘Time to Love‘ and the all star cast movie ‘Let’s Get Married‘. As for Yang Yang, you can see him right now on the c-drama The Four 2015. Plus, his other anticipated work is The Tomb Raiders, also starring Li Yifeng and Tang Yan.

Great work to all these newbies and hope they will get a lot of success for their projects.





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