Which Movies to Anticipate in April?

Movies are lining up to be released in theater this month! Sadly, for us, international fans, we still have to wait three more months before we can watch them.  Here are the ones we are anticipating the most:


Starring box-office queen Fan Bingbing and multi-talented idol Hangeng, the movie Ever Since We Love has an initial release of April 24, 2015. From what is seen on the trailer, we should be expecting an artistic and nostalgic movie typical of the chinese industry.  This is definitely the movie I am the most anticipating.


我是女王 is a collaboration between China and Korea and stars: Annie Yi, Song Hye Kyo and Joe Chen. This definitely seems to be the month for Joe Chen, especially with the popularity she is gaining with drama Cruel Romance. The movie itself is set to be released the April 16, 2015.


The movie 咱们结婚吧 is going to be released in April 9, 2015. Check out the newest post here for a more complete overview of the story line and cast.


Again, check out the full article posted here. The movie stars Huan Xiaoming, Yang Mi and Exo member Tao. The initial release date is: May 1rst, 2015. From what I see on the trailer, this movie is going to be awesome.


This is the first movie directed by Alec Su (from Huan Zhu Ge Ge) and created a lot of anticipation in the media. Of course, the main cast full of fresh idols doesn’t hurt the marketing: Yang Yang, Chen Duling and Oho Ou. Set in a college, the movie tells the story of a deaf young female student and her love story with fellow students. The movie have quite good male leads, considering Ou Hao is the flaming boy of 2014 singing contest SuperBoys and Yang Yang, well, he is just adorable in any project he takes in.

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