C-Movie 2014 Last Flight 绝命航班 starring Ed Westwick and Zhuzhu

This post is to promote the movie Last Flight 绝命航班 starring Ed Westwick and Zhuzhu. Sadly, it did not get a lot of publicity internationally or in the Western world, even with Ed Westwick as a lead (who can forget his perfect portrayal as Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl!) Anyway, the movie gross a fair box-office in China ($5.9million in China) and stayed at the top ten for three weeks!

Personnally, supernatural thriller is not my thing, but just in case someone may be interested! I know the movie was released in March 2014, but oh well.. Better later than never😉

Plot: Disaster waits for those traveling aboard the last red-eye flight from a secluded Pacific island. The captain and chief flight attendant fight to save their passengers from an otherworldly storm of chaos and paranoia threatening their doomed aircraft.

What?? How can you kiss someone else than Queen B???

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