[Drama Review] Tian Di Bu Rong 天地不容 2009

The drama is also called “Four Women Conflicts” or 锁清秋. Tian Di Bu Rong 天地不容 is one of the, let’s say, earlier work of Yu Zheng. I think it was a drama to showcase the talents of young actors, which could lead them to greater roles in the future. Drama stars include William Feng (Feng Shaofeng), Ady An and Mickey He. Both William and Mickey will get their break through in the C-dramaland after their role in the series Palace.


35 episodes:

Synopsis: Lan-yan is an orphan adopted by a rich family who has been harshly treated by her stepmother. She escaped and is taken under the wings of Chow. But Chow’s jealous wife soon forces Lan-yan to marry a rascal Lu Da Yu. As Lan-yan lingers in marriage hell, she meets and falls in love with Chao Zong. Will she be able to escape her sufferings for good and live happily ever after with the man she truly loves?

Short Review:

I remember starting the drama thinking, hey! It can’t be too bad! After all, the leads of the drama are now established actors. Especially, after seeing Ady An’s performance in Yi Tian Tu Long Ji 2009, I really wanted to see her act in another Ancient drama. This one seemed to already have a few positive reviews so I thought why not.


First, the story moved very fast. We had Du Lan Yan (Ady An) being arrasted by her boss’ husband, being forced to marry an ugly despicable men, how she found her childhood best friend and finally how she fell in love with Shen Chao Zhong (Feng ShaoFeng). All these men were attracted by her, but each of them didn’t perfectly fit her. It was so sad to see Ady’s character being forced to do atroce things because of her low status, how everyone took advantage of her. I think this is what I remember the most, how sad and real her character felt to me. Her men either didn’t have the courage to stand up for her or they have too much pride to be there for her. It was heartbreaking to see her struggle. It makes you realize that beautiful women do not always get all they want. She had to become evil to survive.

Furthermore, the story moved very fast for all the other characters. Most story tangled together and there were even a few mystery cases to solve. For instance, Leng Yun (Mickey He) was a guard in the neighborhood and often had to solve difficult situations (and protect the people against the danger around them). He also has his side story and it is sad to see how his love turns against him when he was trying to solve a murder that could have consequences on the people he cared the most.

Second, one of the flaws in the drama is how little they developped the female characters. Although the title is “Four Women Conflicts”, those four women barely had any real power and instead were too attached to a male character to actually make the good decisions. Two of the characters actually end up very sad because of them. The mother of Chao Zong for instance is a sad character because she always wanted to love his son, but didn’t know how to show it, especially considering how her son is not actually hers (but the one of her husband’s mistress). Hence, she is able to accept her situation and show a lot of empathy for others.

In conclusion, I felt like this drama is one of the saddest I have ever watched in C-drama land. However, I do not regret watching it because it did bring me moments of happiness. I am guilty for shipping the OTP together really hard even if I saw haw dysfunction their relation is.

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