[Drama] Mother Tiger finally releases trailer!


Here it is! The one thing I have been waiting for weeks finally arrived and it looks too simply irresistible. The drama tells the story of a modern family lead by a tiger mom, strict and brutally honest with the child, and a kitten father, who tries to calm the water between wife and daughter. For a total of fifty episodes, the drama has been picked up by FOUR broadcast chains! After all, it is the first drama in five years of Vicki Zhao. Tong Dawei and Vicki Zhao are good friends, so this drama will definitely have chemistry!

Little summary for those who doesn’t understand Chinese: The mother wishes her 6-year-old daughter can go to a reputed elementary school. Despite wanting to sleep or play, she always forces her offspring to study and learn mathematical equations. You can see on one scene Tong Dawei clueing the answers to her daughter behing Vicki Zhao, which is just awweee… too cute. Behind the mother, father and grandma both spoil the kid. Pat Pat, life seems to be hard on you, TDW!

Trailer here

Considering the drama will be release in China, where child education is extremely important for every member of the family, the subject may seem too strong for a comedy. In 2015, more and more modern families are indeed wondering if a strict education is everything and a lot of young couples are struggling: let the child be happy or push them to a good education at a reputed school? This drama is for sure going to heat up online discussions on the topic and I am excited for its feedback ^^

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