FEATURE: Chinese overtaken by Korean? PART 1 (Fashion in Entertainment)

It is not a secret that Chinese entertainment has been getting inspiration from South Korea for their TV show (drama, movie, clothing, etc) in the past few years. On Cdramadevotee, we decided to look at this trend and to feature a few articles about it. Part 1 (this article) will be about the fashion trends in the entertainment circle for both countries. Do note these are our opinions and do not reflect the ideas of all people who like Chinese dramas. :3 We will try to stay unbias, so enjoy!

With the increase popularity of kpop and kdramas, people are starting to hate on China for taking and changing the ideas of Korean cultures. In my humble opinion, I find it very weird. I mean, how can a person who is, let’s say, American say that the Korean comeback of a kpop group is better than a Japanese comeback? I mean both will show the quality and talent of the stanned group, include live performance. I mean, there really should be no hard feelings when your favorite idols decide to promote in China or Japan, so…

Also, another thing that bugs me is how the knetizens believe that with a 1 billion population China is laughable for not coming up with their own variety shows (calling them copycat etc.). I want to remark that China is still a developping country while Korea is an Advanced one. Hence, a bigger part of its population are educated. In China, a big part of the population is still working in the countryside or worst, in production facilities. Of course, that idea is not only maintained by Knetizens, but shared with other countries as a stereotypes.

Ok, now, let’s get to the good stuff! Fashion!

Case 1

Here is a picture of Li YiFeng, popular C-actor and C-singer before he got a Korean manager:

Here is a picture of him now, with a Korean manager:

What I got to say: He obviously looks more like a celebrity after changing manager. The photo qualities also improved greatly, his haircut improved an he has a colder feel to him. This is the kind of fashion favored by Koreans I guess, because a lot of positive comments came in from Korea for him after. However, for me, LYF looks way better before his style change. I mean, look at him! Friendlier, cleaner. I like his sweet boy next door feel from before. However, it is to note that after he got very popular after changing manager. But I think his new found popularity is not thanks to his change in style, but because he starred in popular C-drama Ancient Sword last year alongside Yang Mi.

Sidenote, but I don’t think that Chinese actors look countrified. They simply has their own style. Instead of looking poor, I think they look more masculine. (my two cents)

2nd case:

Tang Wei before promoting in Korea:


What I have to say: Tang Wei is gorgeous before and after. Her skin care obvously improved, so did her makeup. But in general, I see the same sweet actress. Because I personnally don’t like makeup, I don’t feel like her style improved:/ . As for her fashion sense, it is the same: really nice (in my opinion). However, I want to note that even if Tang Wei is really popular now in Korea, she is (at least in my opinion) a B-list in China.

Case 3: Drama filming Fashion sense: I am going to compare two recent modern Chinese dramas.

Drama ‘Boss&Me’ had Korean fashion coordinators:

While C-drma ‘Meteor Shower’ had Chinese Fashion coordinators.

What I have to say: Gotta give it to Korean for this one. They are the best when it comes to clothing a chaebol. Both those dramas starred Zhang Han, but oh dear god the difference. The Chinese version of F4 looked like they could go to my school and I would not be interested based on their looks (ok, I may be lying a bit… ) However, the Cdrama Boss&Me had gorgeous costumes that made the drama very smooth to watch. Plus, thumbs up to the coordi for putting so much details into the costume.

Case 4: Two Ancient costume drama from two different countries

Empress of China (Chinese Drama)

The Moon that Embraces the Sun (Korean Drama)

My opionion: The Empress of China definitely show to the rest of the world that China has a great history and fashion sense through their many dynasties. Wu Zetian was a gorgeous Empress and Fan Bingbing showed it really well. Of course, having the priviledge to finance the whole drama do give you the advantage to invest as much you want to look pretty. On the other hand, The Moon that Embraces the Sun is lacking with their costumes. I mean, Kim Soohyun’s costume makes him look like his belt is going to fall off and Han Ga In’s costume makes her look like a nun. But I guess I should not judge too much because they just tried to stay true to their fashion heritage..

Case 5: Run Brother! Variety show’s costume

What I have to say:  Costume of Kim JongKook broke while he was filming for the Chinese Variety show ‘Run, Brother!’. Oups. The quality of the tissue is in question and I have to admit it is quiet shameful. Sorry, Sparta! Maybe he put too much efforts on this episode of Nametag peeling?

In Conclusion, I personnally prefer the Chinese Fashion sense when it comes to watching my dramas or just fangirling over my favorite celebrities because it is simple and enjoyable to the eyes (even if sometimes, the quality of the costume does suffer). However, nobody can deny the quality of Korean fashion coordis as they are definitely the ones who put the more details in their work. But hey! I like simple costumes that make my favorite actors look nice and pretty.

Bonus: Hairstyle

I personnally like darker hair color. The best example I have is Chen Xiao: he looks so much better with his black hair.

I know some fans may disagree. Korean idols tend to play with the haircut style and colors. Although it is not recommended for health issue, it is true that some of them wear color haircut really well. Example being Zhang Yixing or Lay from Exo!

5 thoughts on “FEATURE: Chinese overtaken by Korean? PART 1 (Fashion in Entertainment)

  1. I simply could not depart your web site before suggesting that I really enjoyed the
    standard information a person supply for your visitors?
    Is gonna be again regularly to check up on new posts


    • archidisign says:

      Thanks a lot! I know we didn’t post a lot about the Korean vs Chinese feature recently as I had too much school work and there is no good discussion to elaborate on. Better articles soon!


  2. humbledaisy1 says:

    I just finished watching TMTETS and it was a good reminder that I liked the historical fashions of Chinese drama. I think it’s the high waisted belt line that gets to me. I’m also watching kdrama The Blade and the Petal (set in the much earlier Goguryeo dynasty) and there, both men’s and women’s clothing seem very functional and comfortable.


    • archidisign says:

      Wow, the Blade and the Petal dresses look really pretty! (I have to say I am a bit surprised to see that there are other Korean Ancient clothing style except the hanbok).
      TMTETS was a great drama, but I watched it more for the story than for the costumes too😛 For me, Chinese Ancient drama fashion is just so much more creative, more colorful: it makes me want to go travel back in time and live in some wuxia world! Also, I always find them very comfy.

      Liked by 1 person

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