[Recap] Noona Over Flowers Ep. 3-4

Last week, the cast spend the whole day at a famous Turkish market and tried ton of different things: first served tea, nail art, ice cream, porcelain, and lamps!



Lin Chiling and Victoria decides to do each nail art on one hand to save money


Victoria, getting excited for ice cream

Then, they walked more in the streets and three lucky cast members, including Victoria, got the chance to visit the city on bike. They then took a boat, but Chun jie and Victoria seems to be seasick. They go back to the hotel to sleep it off while the rest of the cast go on a helicopter and Ma Tianyu and Aarif tries to pilot for the first time!




In the helicopter


In the street xD

This week’s episode has been quite enjoyable and sensational! The stars of the buzz? Ma Tianyu and Lin Chiling (netizens are now shipping them)!

First thing in the morning: Packing! Today is their last day in Turkey and the lovely crew decides to go to a fancy restaurant for the first time in a long long time 8D. Xi jie is mad at everyone for continuously going on their phone instead of human interactions and Chiling looks adorable while trying to blend in by acting as if she has a phone (she doesn’t xD). I have to agree with Xi jie, there is nothing more annoying than sitting with someone who thinks their phone is more interesting than you ><.


Chiling faking it, Xi Jie mad and Victoria obsessed🙂


More food

Then, everyone get their pocket money! Aarif is generous today and gives everyone about 100 euros! Everyone is excited since they are going to a market later. During the delicious lunch, Ma Tianyu tries to go outside in order to give some money to a small poor street girl musician. He however got lost and was reprimanded by everyone for leaving in the middle of the lunch without telling anyone.

Back at the hotel room, everyone seems to have fun as Aarif does some comic impersonations ^^.

Next! The springs! It looks gorgeous and four courageous cast members (Chun jie, Ruby, Tianyu and Aarif) decides to go swim inside. Now, major focus on Lin Chiling, the only one who shows some skin, wearing a bikini. The guys are both wearing T-shirts which, LOL, makes them stand out the most xD. Haha, I will never understand why chinese guys wear shirts inside swimming pool 8D.


Beautiful spring ^^


The girls



End of the day, cooking time! Ma Tianyu stands out the most by declaring he can make handmade noodles and everyone (especially the girls, or should I say Chiling) are in awe. Cute scene between them as he teaches her how. Victoria also makes a egg/tomato sauce and Aarif prepares some BBQ meat. MIAM.


tumblr_n8xz9mT9EH1ri77xpo6_1280Chiling impressed


Victoria cooking too

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