[Fashion Feature] Goddess in White

For anyone who frequently goes on weibo, it is common knowledge cnetizens often comes up with new trending topics and discussion to entertain themselves. This new trend [Goddess in white] have been quite popular today and since it has been a slow day of drama and movie news, I decided to share them here with you guys🙂


Liu Shishi… we seriously needs more news about her! She is an amazing actress who recently got married to Nicky Wu. Her hit dramas include: Bubujinxin and Chinese Paladin 3. She is filming a republic era series right now ^^.


Yang Mi. The busy bee among the chinese actresses! She starred in Chinese Paladin3, Ancient Sword, Return of Condor Heroes 2006, and Beijing Love Story. In 2014, she got pregnant and is doing right now a lot more movies than dramas. The ones we should be anticipating the most: Tiny Times 4 and My Sunshine.

Check out more about My Sunshine here


Tang Yan! Since the start of 2015, she has more than 4 dramas! She is a sweetheart in most of her portrayal and I have always loved her acting! Her dramas, not always a hit, have always decent views thanks to her star power. Tang Yan seriously needs to rest a little, but she is doing another drama right now. Yan first started with ancient tv series but most of her recent work are in the modern time.


Victoria🙂 She is starring right now on Noona over Flowers and have a lot of hosting jobs right and left (actually, mostly with Huan TV ._.) She is also starring in a drama with Peter Ho, Beautiful Secret, and working on a movie in Korea: My Sassy Girl 2. I love both Victoria and Krystal of f(x) and both are incredibly popular in China.

Check out Beautiful Secret and Noona Over Flowers here


Yoona is starring in an chinese ancient drama right now with Lin Genxin. She is not very active on the chinese entertainment platform but as the most popular snsd member in china presently, she is definitely well known.

Check out still from God of War here


We also need more articles about Liu Yifei, but sadly, she does not have any promotion activities right now. Her movies, The Four 3 and Love and Money, all just wrapped up decently in theaters and she is planning on a new movei (possibly with Kris Wu). She is the original goddess in white, since she played the wildly popular Maiden Xiao Longnu in The Return of Condor Heroes 2006. A lot of guys consider her as their Nu Shen ^^.


Angelababy! Just got fianceed with long term boyfriend and A-List actor Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy is filming Run Brother Run these days and is guest starring in a few movies such as My Sunshine. She does not have any hit series or movie, but I did enjoy her acting in Love You You with Eddie Peng. New projects: Bride Wars and Yun Zhong Ge.

Check out Run Brother and Bridal War here


G.E.M. is the hit girl of 2014-2015! She got willy popular thanks to I Am a Singer 2 and broke many records for her recent disks and concerts. I don’t really listen to her songs but she definitely has a beautiful voice.

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