(NOT C-Ent) Youtuber KevJumba is back! (or at least we have news)

Hi guys! I know this one is not related to the  C-entertainment BUT a new movie has released a trailer and the leads are Chinese. Does that count?🙂 The movie is Man Up!

Seriously, Justin Chon, an American youtuber and actor, recently released new youtube video to update us about KevJumba. What?? Yes, he did not disappear completely from his fans. I know rumors recently assumed he went back to study at University of California, became a believer of God and he is filming a movie. Now, it is confirmed that the third rumor is true (although I am assuming the other two are not false either).

The movie will be released in collaboration with LakeShore Entertainment and Supergravity Pictures. The movie is called Man Up and should be released for 2015. Here is the trailer for their movie together:

It is a comic movie about two Asians who has to mature as soon as possible because Martin (Kevin’s character) is going to have a baby. The haircuts of our leads are hilarious. This is so exciting. *_*

Also, since we are talking about Asian youtubers, the new movie by WongFu Production (their first one ever) released their teaser yesterday. The movie is called Everything Before Us and it has been in production since last year. It looks gorgeous and like a true gift to the fan. Hope the trio will have small cameo in the movie itself (or else I will have to watch the BTS).

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