Stills for movie ‘The Beloved’ 重生爱人


New movie The Beloved 重生爱人 is going to be released on May 2015. The movie will star Joe Cheng (you probably remember him from the popular TW-drama It Started with a Kiss while he costarred with Ariel Lin), Korean actor Kim Bum and Chinese actress Wang Likun (she played the love interest of Kris Wu Yifan in Somewhere Only We Know).

The movie will follow three high school friends through their first love story that sadly does not lead to a happy ending. In the future, they will have difficulty to forget the past and struggle to find love again.

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This is definitely not the first movie starring teenage love and retrospective as main theme. With the success of movies like Back in Time and the filming of highly expected movies like Our Ten Years, it is no wonder the subject had been so used in the past year. After all, who doesn’t want to go back to their innocent years?

Video of the BTS:

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