[Feature][Part 1]What Do Your Favorite Actors Eat?

Good question! Based on their weibo posts, here are the answers for some of them (recent food porn of course). Hope you are not too hungry because these Chinese delicacies looks yummy!😉

Lin Gengxin

6728caedjw1ep7uo03p8ej20u00u0dm1 6728caedjw1epg09nfhl5j20u00u0tde 6728caedjw1epg09wfp6cj20u00u0afj 6728caedjw1epkn0xr5qtj20v815otq1 6728caedjw1epsumql1u0j20xc18gtn0

Zhao Li Ying

6728caedjw1ep7uo03p8ej20u00u0dm1 6728caedjw1epg09wfp6cj20u00u0afj 6728caedjw1epkn0xr5qtj20v815otq1 6728caedjw1epg09nfhl5j20u00u0tde

Angela Zhang


Zhao Wei


Fx Victoria Song

Calvin Chen


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