(Tutorial) How to Download Audiobooks from ysts8

Recently, a lot of movies and dramas have been taking inspiration from online fictions, novels and audiobooks (Bubujingxin, My Sunshine, Boss&Me, etc.). Some fans are hence curious to learn more about the original story and see for themselves which version is the bes. Sadly, they cannot read Mandarin. Fortunately, this is not a problem anymore thanks to the existence of audiobook and everyone can now use download them or listen to them live online. Let’s follow the step by step process for the website ysts8. To do this tutorial, I will use the book My Sunshine 何以笙箫默 as an example. Do know the name of your audiobook in Mandarin. ps; be careful tht your computer has a good antivirus. And also, just so you know, this website has a lot of *hum* inappropirate advertisements. But still, the technique works! Step 1: Go on the website http://www.ysx8.net/ Step 2: Copy Past the name of your audiobook in the search 1 Step 3: Clic on the search result (it is the name of the audiobook plus some bla bla) 2 Step 4: Clic on the Chapter you want to download. 3 Step 5: You can listen to the audiobook. If you want to download it, clic on the second before last item on the horizontal list: 【单集下载】 4 Step 6: In this list of 2 choices, select the first one (the one on top) 5 Step 7: Right clic on the playing link and select ‘save video as’ 6 Untitled Repeat as many time as you want!

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