Bride Wars Releases more Hilarious Stills


This movie is not going to be released until August 2015, but since we are all fans of Chen Xiao and the stills where just too irresistible, we decided to post the stills as soon as possible🙂. Go back to the initial post about their official conference for a full synopsis of the movie or read about the English movie of the same name since this is pretty much a remake of Anne Hathaway’s Bridal War. Check out the fun trailer below:

4cfa62f8jw1eqygqc0yjxj21kw23ub05 4e39d498jw1eqjkqptv7dj20zk0qo108 005F4Uyxjw1eqy5o8mva5j30gp0hswgh  473d7531jw1epjkwa960zj20hs0noteb 473d7531jw1eq6avrlcrvj20xc18gkdf 473d7531jw1eqirzennhoj20xc18g4d4

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