UPDATED-Trailer Legend of Zu 蜀山战纪 + Pictures of the Cast at Press Conference

OMG OMG OMG. The trailer was released over the week-end through a press conference. All cast members were present including the gooffy but attractive William Chan, the so pretty and delicate Zhao Liying and everyone’s now favorite dad, Nicky Wu (hope he will have a baby with Shishi soon ^^).


ps; Congratulations to Nicky Wu for his acceptation at the University of Peking in the mMBA program. He says if filming and student duties are in conflict, he will chose school first. Gosh, sounds like his life, just as him, is perfect.



At the press conference:


UPDATE (better version without fangirls)

Trailer from Press conference

I am like the girls in the video: I didn’t understand much from the trailer BUT I am totally under the charm of every casting members. It is so pretty and so many OTP scenes. I am so happy. This drama is going to be the 2015 Ancient Chinese Idol series, I know it.

Extra William Chan cuteness:





The gorgeous team at the press conference! So excited:

1 2 3

She is too pretty

7 8 9 10 11 12 13  a b d e f

Her smile as she choses between her love interests *_*j k l

sn q r  t u w y

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