Deng Chao Shows all Kind of Legs during Run Brother Conference

Okay. I have been dying to write this article. Why? First, because it means we are slowly getting closer to the official release of Run Brother first episode (in 3 days!). Second, I get a chance to share with you guys more pictures that were released during the awesome promotion!

So, first thing first: the conference. Main focus on Deng Chao or should I say, his legs.


So yeah, ._., Deng Chao decided to go all out this week during the main conference by dancing his butt off on the platform wearing little shorts. Cnetizens made this funny conversation between Deng Chao and his son Deng Dengdeng where it says:

Son: I have to get out of this frame, this is too embarrassing

DC: Don’t be afraid! What about me?

66134906jw1equrs0gejhj21120ooq4y - Copy

Deng Chao himself posted the picture above and commented “…legs” …It got about 400k likes

473d7531jw1epjkwa960zj20hs0noteb - Copy

During the conference, Deng Chao sat like a lady and proudly showcased his beautifully maintained…

473d7531jw1eq6avrlcrvj20xc18gkdf - Copy

He even remembered to pose when he spotted the camera ^^. Awnnn….

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