[Fashion Feature] Short Haired Goddess


Which iconic female actress would you think of if I say short haired? Probably Audrey Hepburn, for her iconic work in Breakfast at Tiffany’s! Recently, Weibo did a new feature about those Chinese female artists who have the best short hair and I found it interesting enough to share with you guys ^^


First is Taiwanese singer and actress Rainie Yang! I used to have such a big girl crush on her when I was following Taiwanese dramas! Her acting in Why Why Love and Devil Beside You, despite been extremely similar, where both like comfort food that you crave after a bad day. Her later works in Hi My Sweetheart and Drunk To Love You are excellent and shows how versatile she is as an actress. These years, Rainie has mostly been active in the music work, doing a lot of concerts and collaboration.


Qi Wei is another great actress and gained great recognition in 2012. I personally think she is the one who rocks short hair the best. Her most famous work is Schemes of a Beauty. Qi is not as active in her career as she used to be, which is okay since she now has a beautiful son that recently turned three year old!


Amber Guo got famous thanks to the overhyped series Tiny Times (imagine it as the chinese version of Twilight meet Gossip Girl) where she plays the second main character. I must admit I don’t know a lot her works but from her appareance on Happy Camp, she seems like a nice and smart girl.


Zheng Shuang recently cut hair and is still rocking it! Known for her work on Meteor Shower, it is nice to see her grow within the last year with Ancient Sword and Diva Hits the Roads… hehe, you may soon see a lot of her articles since she is participating in tons of projects.


Sun Li is the other half of my presently favorite male actor: Deng Chao. They actually starred in a revolution era drama together under director Gao Xixi. In 2011, she did the iconic drama The legend of Zhen Huan (which is going to be available on Netflix!) and has since been one of the most profitable actresses on tv ^^. She has a son with Deng Chao and a little baby girl too.

005vJ7IBgw1er5d5ct5ypj30c80ff3zoRecently, Tang Yan starred in the popular drama My Sunshine. Here is a picture from the show🙂 (I already covered her works in Goddess in White if you guys wanna check that out)

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