7 Chinese Actors and their Doppelganger/Look-alike Duos

Did you ever look at some actors/actresses and wonder, hey, this face looks familiar. No, it is not because every Chinese look the same (stop with this prejudices!). In the entertainment industry, there truly are celebrities who look so alike you had to stop and make sure you are not seeing double. ps; this list may be biased by author.

1. Wang Leehom and Purba Rgyal. The duo that made me want to write this post. Although I love both entertainers and want to saw their have their specific identity, when it comes to physical attribute, they look the same! Ok, maybe Purba is a bit more tanned. Both of them are excellent entertainers, doing both acting and singing very well. However, do note that they are not from the same hometown (I checked in case of twin situation xD). Purba is from Tibet while Leehom is from Taiwan.

from Tumblr page HKCTVDramas

 Duo together

 Guess who I am?

2. Chen Xiang and Lee Junki

 /Chen Xiang

 Lee Jun Ki

OMG that they look alike. Not only does both of them have single eyelides that make them unique compared to others in the entertainment circle, but their face structure are identical. Black hair and same haircut, please let them act as twins. Ps; You can catch them interacting together during one episode of Happy Camp (the one where they invited the cast of Legend of Lu Zhen to promote their drama).

3. Huang Xiaoming and Gu You Ming

 Huang Xiao Ming

 (I swear, Gu You Ming only has shirtless pictures).

I never heard about Gu You Ming himself, but the similitude is so strong I couldn’t not put them on my list…😛 Plus, both their names end with Ming *_*

4. Liu Shishi and Liu Yifei

The two fairy actresses! Not only do they share the same surname, they are also quiet awkward during press conference and on variety show. Oh well. It is definitely possible to differentiate them on the screen. At least for me, but to be fair, I watch both girls’ dramas/movies a LOT! They are the ones that bring me to the fantasy world of romance+wuxia. Both are so pretty they are my perfect candidates to play Eternal beauty XiaoLongNu (unlike Michelle Chen who is even today the worst casting choice ever in c-entertainment to play on iconic role in Jing Yong’s works.

5. Ming Dao and … Ed Westwick

Ok. Maybe it is stretched to compare an Asian with a Westener (in his case British), BUT I cannot stop myself as thinking of each other as being the equivalent of the other in their respective entertainment circle. Ming Dao always play the rich spoiled guy and became famous for playing perfect chemistry role with Chen Qiao En while Ed Westmick became famous as the heir of Bass Industries and lover of Blair Waldorf on the hit CW show Gossip girl.

BONUS: Joaqin Phoenix

I recently watched him perform on the Hollywood movie The Gladiator and my first thought was, he reminds me of someone. Then, I realize he looks like an older version of Chuck Bass!!! So, let’s say he is the doppelganger father of Ming Dao and Ed Westwick, ok?

6. Jang Nara and Zhao Liying

Maybe not everyone can see the ressemblance so let’s put some context. I am comparing their on screen look for their respective dramas: Zhao Liying’s “Cuo Dian Yuan Yang” and Jang Nara’s “The Mischievous Princess”. Both played bubbly cute character who makes a man of authority fall in love with them and thus, starting a love story with many obstacles. The characters’ descriptions are very similar, the acting concorded and their physical appearance too!

7. Fan Bingbing and Zhang Xinyu

Ok, I wasn’t too sure if I should put them in this list or not because, well, they are not THAT lookalike. However, both of them plays similar roles in drama (for instance, both played the evil fox spirit Daji in Feng Sheng Ji) and for the last year, both had incredible media coverage. Zhang Xinyu however became popular thanks to her sex scandal while Fan Bingbing always had a steady popularity since HuanZhuGeGe era. However, at the end of the day, both are incredible sex symbols in China. And, I am sorry, but both are perfect to play seductive fox-spirit.

8. Liu Haoran and Jiang Jinfu

9. Rachel Mao and Tang Yixing

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