Mini Weibo Update

Let’s see what your favorite actors recenty shared:

Lin Gengxin shared pictures with Yoona on the set of God of War Zhao Yun


ps; here are some stills for the drama (that sadly do not include Yoona😦

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Next is Choi Siwon looking lost at his the camera with his dog. Seriously?


JJ Lin is biking around and enjoying summer


As for Janine Chang, she is enjoying the promo time with Peter Ho… Movie sounds better and better


Jimmy Lin with his baby


Dylan Guo reading his next script


And Jang Keunsuk enjoying the life away from knetizens


Here is Tang Yan enjoying her trip abroad! Happy she is finally relaxing a bit


Victoria Song from fx enjoying selfie time before sleeping


Finally, the Eye candy Kris Wu (Wu YiFan) shares his own selfie


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