[Recap] Noona Over Flowers Ep. 5

Noona Over Flowers got the highest rating and was the most tagged variety show on Sunday Night! The surprising and touching interactions between Victoria and the rest of the cast have put her under a good light, for once!, in the media. While I expected myself to write this article by recapping both episode 5 and 6, I am surprising myself by doing a solo one! Here it comes, to Victoria’s happy 29th birthday and her moving bidding from the rest of the cast!

First, the cast is seen in the hotel. It is six o’clock in the morning and somehow, Ma Tianyu got fascinated with roosters. Euh, you do know we also have them in China? ._. He excitedly watches the roosters wake the members up. Lin Zhiling is the first to do so.



Everyone is now on the car and 奚美娟 and Victoria have a casual talk about the idol life in Korea. Victoria explains how at first she felt lonely and how she rarely go home to visit (only once a year). The group stop at a gas station. Ma Tianyu casually feed the dog while Song Qian imits 奚美娟 next to the car. With 徐帆, she goes on the train trails and play together. Song Qian explains her father is a train driver how she is always excited when she sees trail. HMM. The viewers may be wondering… why Vic-omma sees so happy today? We discover, it is her birthday!


At the Ancient City in Turkey, the group is separated in two: Song Qian, Aarif, 奚美娟 and 王琳 in one team, and Ma Tianyu, Zhiling and 徐帆 in one group (haha… time to ship Tianyu an Zhiling again xD). It is a race: the first team to find the location and the past story of three different artfacts and arrives the first to the exit point wins! The two teams quickly go find a tour guide and 王琳 succeeds at taking Zhiling’s away. Neverthless…. Tianyu’s team work extra hard and talk to every Chinese tourist on the way for direction or help (and there is actually a lot). Meanwhile, Aarif, as his perfect self, choose to play the game WHILE been the translator-tour guide for the sisters. At every place, they would stop and talk a little bit. Victoria is starting to get frustrated and glances at Aarif every few seconds, but he does not seem to care. Come on dude, this is a game! The two other noonas also suggests to play first the game before just been tourists. Aarif refute by saying they can only go to each place once, so may as well explore each well..😛

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It starts to rain and everyone wants to go the exit. Of course, Ma Tianyu’s team finished first. Cute nagging moment by Tianyu who discover the prize is just an ice cream. The group goes back on the car where Song Qian nags a little about the lack of game spirit of Aarif. When they all get out of the car, Aarif sighs (awwn, poor dude).

At the restaurant, we can see something is off. Indeed, everyone is trying to organize a surprise party for Victoria but it is hard to not get noticed by the birtday girl! Aarif goes to the next table, also occupied by Chinese customers and ask for help.


Next destination: the group goes to a wall of memories and put down their wishes. Victoria writes about her birthday and how happy she is. They then take a group picture. Everyone suggests Victoria to go to the front and; then, secretly points their fingers to the birthday girl ^^. How cute.


During the night, Zhiling and Tianyu go out to buy the cake. Zhiling says they MUST buy two cakes and Tianyu says: “[quote] If Zhiling says to buy two, we buy two!” Not sure if I want him to handle my money, lol xD

The group puts on the balloons and makes bd hats. When Song Qian comes down at last, she is extremely happy and can only clap of joy. She watches the videos the group made earlier for her and cries. They all eat delicious cakes and drink wines (a luxury considering how much the group must thrift) and Song Qian explains how happy she is.


Later that night, she is alone awake and feels guilty to the other members to leave…WAIT, WHAT? She is leavinggg?? Okay, moment of revelation for me, who discover Song Qian is going to be replace in the second half of the trip (due to conflicting schedules, I guess with her drama Beautiful Secret) and will be replaced by Yang Zi. Yang Zi is actually a child actress I have grown to love, she started in the family friendly TV show Jia You Er Nu. Okay, I am sad by the leave of Victoria but also excited but the appearance of YZ😛


Song Qian leaves at 6AM in the morning after some warm and heart warming goodbyes through hugs with the cast. She leaves alone in a car, which is just so sad. Sidenote: Song Qian became a hot topic on Weibo on Sunday night and got a lot of nice reviews ^^.


2 thoughts on “[Recap] Noona Over Flowers Ep. 5

  1. HJ says:

    OMG why did I discover your blog just recently? It’s so hard to find people who are into C-drama and who know/are fond of Vic. Anyways….just….a tiny…correction: the part where you wrote that Aarif went to the next table with Chinese customers….those ladies are actually Dragon TV directors of NOF.

    Well, we Vic fans like to call that TV station “Rotten Tomato”. Why? http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sl5h0f (This is the summary post I made)

    Seriously from start til end, Rotten Tomato and NOF got on the nerves of Vic fandom. Vic herself said during Beautiful Secret’s press conference interviews that she won’t go on reality shows for at least awhile.

    But seriously after every episode of NOF, it was only Vic who was able to go on top10 weibo search out of all the casts. This last episode was very touching and I am glad she was able to end on a good note.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hehe! Thanks😀 I try to update stuffs about Victoria as often as possible! Yes, I don’t like “Rotten Tomato” either. I watched the show for Victoria, but the way they handled EVERY SINGLE cast member (apart from Aarif Lee) was extremely cruel. I watched other stuffs with Wang Lin and she appears a lot nicer than what you see on NOF. Same for Yang Zi, who came out as a brat with no manners in the show. Since Victoria is the most popular cast member, they intentionally made her look bad so that more people can hashtag the show on Weibo >< That is also why I decided I will not watch any more variety show from SMG Shanghai Channel :"D


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