[Recap] Run Brother Season 2 Starts with Han Geng and Fan Bingbing! Ep. 1


Okay, imagine the  cheesiest costume, now imagine the cheesiest intro with the most complex visual effects and here you go: the start of Run Brother Season 2! xD Haha, I may sound like I am complaining, but I am actually really excited to see all my familiar faces and even though they are all sugared up in ridiculous cosplay costumes, they are still my babies ^^. Todday, every guy is wearing Super Hero costumes from a popular 70s child show while the girls are two beautiful purple headed goddesses.


what they are suppose to look like:


Before FBB and Hangeng arrives, all the guys are speculating the mission of the day and agrees it will be the protection of the goddess: Angelababy. Chen He says, “who ever is the enemy, I am gonna rip them off because Baby is OUR goddess!” OUPS. Little did he know, Hangeng arrives riding in front of a chariot and goddess FBB arrives….Oups indeed ^^ and the rest of the cast happily reminds him of his own words.

First game: The girls have to choose the male guardians. As a mock exercises, the PD suggests the boys to stand behind the female star of their choice. 7 VS 0 in favor of Fan Bingbing xD. Now, the girls need to determine by a game of speed who is the winner and get to choose their cast members. Fan Bingbing, been the OP player she is, wins again 4 VS 0 against Angelababy. (I feel a little bad for Baby, since she tried really hard).


Team Yellow/Fan Bingbing: Han Geng, Zheng Kai, Deng Chao, Wang Zhulan


Team Blue/Angelababy: Bao ei Er, Li Chen, Chen He


HUGE CROWD at the second game, everyone wanting to get a glance at Fan Bingbing

Next Game (this time with the whole team): Get the most members on the podium at the moment the camera snaps its picture! To help them, FBB and Baby are both on the podium at the beginning…


Fist Round: This round can be pretty much sum up to: Li Chen (aka the Black Bull xD) playing the offensive and bringing everyone on the floor, Han Geng playing the defensive and protecting FBB at all cost and FBB protecting the podium from any blue incomers. The rest is pretty much pulling and pushing while trying to find a way to the podium xD. Unexpectantly, as Zheng Kai was steadily lying the podium seven seconds before the end, he is putted down by Li Chen and Bao Bei Er jumps on the podium 1 SECOND before the snap! Blue team win!

runningman6 Second round: Zheng Kai rushes to the podium while the remaining cast follows his steps and start a fight between cats and dogs. Discretly, Deng Chao goes to the front and stands in front of the screen. Quote: “See all these fighting? It is pretty useless… The only thing important is the last 10 seconds”. LOL Anyway, Yellow team is going all out this time, they did not enjoy losing to the supposedly lacking Blue Team and are totally throning on the podium. Result: 3 Yellows on the podium.


Third Round again, the yellow team wins. They get 30 more seconds for the finale game. In the car, the blue team’s member Angelababy and Bao Bei Er are suspicious…did Chen He and Li Chen go easy on Fan Bingbing and prevent their own team’s win? He and Chen both strongly disagrees and both says they have pulled FBB three times off the podium at least. LOL, I am not even sure FBB fall off that often xD. Guess what, Fang Ye is extremely strong! ^^


Third game is a game of wit and memory. The Korean version of the Variety show actually played it last year and it was extremely funny. The members of one team must hide in a room while performing a weird/hard/complicate action or position and the opposite team must find them in the exact time and recopy exactly those actions.


In order to win, Chen He and Li Chen decided to KISS each other xD!! As a consequence, Deng Chao and Han Geng also kissed😄 (fangirling moment for me xD) Everyone tries to be witty and finds the weirdest positions and facial expressions in order to bring the opposite team to their downfall (Handstand, Twisty fingers, bending tongue O.O)…. In the end, the Yellow team triumph once again. They win 45 seconds.

005IMuZvgw1erc0ltlz28g308d06jwzt 005IMuZvgw1erc0lwrjvdg308d06je82 7541608fgw1er9q8bdek4g209606ex6p

FINAL GAME! The teams must play Eagle and Chick (a famous child game in China where the first person is the “chicken” and everyone behind him is a “chick”. The “eagle” must be positioned in front of the “chick” and must catch the last person in line). And the Eagles and the Chickens will be…. the girls! “WHAT? WAIT, WHAT? We are the Goddess and we must protect the warriors? What kind of nonsense is this?”

704_1603938_353755 704_1603950_894375 704_1603951_490098

Both girls are putting up a good fight and each round, succeed to eliminate one guy. When FBB must rip off Li Chen’s tag, there is a very intense fight.😄 Indeed, for the last few months, there have been rumors of LC and FBB dating (NO… my goddess TT^TT) and there fight have gotten both the cast of Run brother and the netizens excited. Everyone is now assuming they are probably dating😛 [sidenote: the two played together in The Empress of China] Here are some gifs of their interactions during the episode:

704_1604762_523221  704_1604764_184067 704_1604765_446803 704_1604766_291475 704_1604769_843864 704_1604771_141501


In the end, Angelababy loses all her warriors while Hangeng is the only one remaining for FBB. For the fight to be equal, Han Geng accepts to only play with his right hand and he indeed succeeds to do so through out the battle. The fight is fierce since Baby is becoming better and better at this game, but Han Geng still manages to win handsomely (To Archidisign: I know you think I am been biased but he really did well ^^)

005IMuZvgw1erc0m6qh9dg309w05kx6p 005IMuZvgw1erc0mfj4dkg309w05kb2d

End of the mission and FBB is crowned as the finale goddess. All her team members get a golden crown too and there is one more, so she decides to give it to Baby, who worked really hard today. Li Chen, Bao Bei Er and Chen He stands awkwardly and wonders: why did they even come today? xD

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