[Movie Review] For Love or Money

Rain sure has a great agency right now, because he got himself some hot and really good casting offers in the past year. Not only was he in the Hollywood movie The Prince, he also landed male lead roles alongside Liu Yifei in the movie For Love or Money and Diamond Lover with Tang Yan. For Diamond Lover, he apparently received $5.4 million. Ouchhh! Anyway, let’s talk about For Love or Money, where he had the chance to act with both ladies. The movie was directed by the popular Gao Xixi.


Yes, Tang Yan had a minor role in the movie where she played an stewardess and also BFF of Liu YiFei’s character. As for Liu Yifei, she is obviously playing the gorgeous lady Femme Fatale.

Synopsis (by me hehe) :

Liu Yifei’s character is a girl who does everything. Not only is she a stewardess, she is also the owner of small, but popular coffee shop. She has a relationship with man who gives her everything and she is very happy… until she discovers he is going to get married, and hence, she became the mistress. She is heart broken and wants to kill herself. That is when she meets Rain’s character and they became friends and then lovers. Rain says he is a poor artist who likes to race (with cars xD), but actually, he is the heir of a rich family. Be ready for a final twist in the movie!


That makeup suits her :3


kiss .///.


Not Only I am a stewardess


But I also own a coffee shop!


She also drink a lot…








My review: 8/10 The movie is definitely worth a watch, just because Liu Yifei looks oh so stunning in it. Seriously, there is no doubt Liu Yifei, as the classic beauty representative of Ancient wuxia series, has being the muse of many directors, authors and actors. In this one, she actually plays a muse (for Rain the artist painter). Her makeup and fashion style were totally on point and looking at her performance throughout the movie makes you feel like you are in another world, a world of fantasy where EVERYTHING is pretty and artistic. I love how Gao Xixi decided to film the movie in a way that makes the audience feel like everything is a dream. It is so pretty *_*


On the other side, Rain was not THAT good in the movie. He tried to act both his aegyo and manly side out and it just didn’t seem to match. He is both a rich kid, a free spirit, a romantic and a realist… He rejects her so fast when he learns the truth about *spoiler* her intention to date him and BAM! he becomes really cold. What about all his sweet sides? I know he must be betrayed, but … that was a hard change to accept. Another downside to his character: for an artist, he sure doesn’t seem like one. Also, because he is Korean, you can’t stop thinking at how his mouth doesn’t match what he is saying and that, my friend, is very annoying. And bad news, apparently, the dubbing work for his next drama Diamond Lover will be ever worst…😦


As for the story, it works quiet well. *spoiler* It is learned in the second half of the movie that Liu Yifei’s character was paid by Rain’s mother to break his heart so he will want to go back to the family business. Ok… It is so sad when we see Liu Yifei been “raped” by her first boyfriend. She is doing that for Rain, because she loves him! :’D Because she loves him fully and can do anything for his future. Even if it means breaking his heart and making him think she was only after money all along (that their romance was just for fun, it had no future). Yeah right! Then why did you care so much for him after his racing car incident and why did you organize an art gallery opening for him? LOVE, that is the true answer.


Of course, she goes to see the mother before doing all her bad actions as soon as she fell in love with him. She wants to cancel her commitment to destroy his heart, but it is too late: the contract is signed. At the end, she uses all the money she was paid to do the horrible things to buy his paintings (and making him believe in his art) and decides to go live abroad. She will get mugged and nearly die. The ending is ambiguous as we are not sure if they do end up together or it is just a dream… </3


N.B. : I was a bit disappointed at how Rain’s character is so clueless. How come he doesn’t see everything the woman he loves is doing for him? snif snif. She nearly died for him, was raped for him, and put his future before hers. And all he does is being the spoiled kid who can’t understand the meaning of real life and who still believe love is the only thing you need to be happy. Gosh, grow up!

More OTP stills below:


At original Press conferences:

The OTP seems quiet off off the screen, but I swear, they had a good chemistry in the movie. Or at least, both acting was really good. My guess is, since Rain doesn’t speak Mandarin, it is hard for them to interact… Plus, Rain has a girlfriend at that time and he probably didn’t want to make her jealous. On the bright side, Tang Yan and Liu Yifei looks totally cute together that I kinda want to ship them together😛

1558408_867264636670265_4290810932659990641_n  liuyifei2

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