[Drama Review] Cuo Dian Yuan Yang 错点鸳鸯 Xi Die Yuan Yang 戏点鸳鸯


Cuo Dian Yuan Yang is the first drama I watched that starred Zhao Liying and it was so good I felt the need to force my friends to watch it too (and they liked it too)! I became a fangirl of Liying since then and it helped me to discover her next great dramas including Legend of Lu Zhen and Boss&Me.


The drama was broadcasted in 2 parts of 25 episodes each, first part being my favorite called Cuo Dian Yuan Yang and the second part is called Xi Die Yuan Yang.


Synopsis (from dramawiki):

Season 1 focuses on Wu Ji and Huan Er’s love and how they are unable to not separate from each other. Season two focuses on Wu Hen and Wu Jie and the obstacles they have to overcome to fight for their love.

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Yang Yi Liu was born in the Su family. Her only wish is to be acknowledged by her father. She grew up being servant. When her sister Su Huan Er was arranged marriage to Shi Wu Ji the head of Ao Long Bao, she refused. In order to keep her sister to find her happiness she thought of a plan to escape. While their fled her father’s soldiers found them and Su Haun Er had slipped off from the cliff. In order to complete the marriage, Su Guang Ping’s wife replaces Yang Yi Liu to be Su Huan Er. Huan Er got a bad feeling when Shi Wu Ji agreed to marry to her. He, his two brothers and his sister hated her father with a passion. They thought they can torture her to settle the score. As Huan Er and Wuji began to grow fond of each other can Su Huang Er complete her father’s mission to become the head of Accountants in Ao Long Bao and destroy Wu Ji or does she choose to love Wu Ji and stay by his side?

Shi Wu Ji the eldest brother of Ao Long Bao closed his heart for vengeance for his parent’s tragic death for 20years. He agreed to marry Su Guang Ping’s daughter to torture her. He wants her father to confess of being the one who set fire to the Shi Family. He soon realizes that he is having feelings with her and agrees to marry her full heatedly, but is he willing to forgive Huang Er’s father for the sake of their love?

Shi Wu Hen was only a stand-in groom at the wedding, yet he was charmed by the new bride’s cheery disposition and unbeatable optimism. This created a problem because she was his brother’s wife, not his. So when his brother’s long lost betrothed fiancée, Liang Yu Shi, showed up at their door, he stepped in to honor the families’ agreement. What he thought was a marriage of obligation turned into a heartbreaking love affair in which he was willing to risk his family’s lives to save hers.

Shi Wu Jie was the youngest and the most passionate of the three brothers. When he met Qin Qiu Yu, it was love at first sight. His family, however, strongly opposed to their relationship because she was a courtesan unworthy of his station. He, in turn, decided to follow her to end of earth than to leave her.

Shi Wu Xia only had eyes for Leng Gang. She didn’t care that he was a servant’s son. Yet, the difference in their social status was a gulf he was unwilling and unable to cross. She recruited the unconventional Su Huan Er to help change Leng Gang’s thinking.

Look at how happy and perfect they look together! ps; is it me or Qi Ji looks perfect with long hair and black costume? ^^

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The first part was my favorite part because it starred THE perfect couple. The first few episodes introduced us to Yang Yi Liu (Zhao Liying). She is like a Chinese ancient Cinderella. She has so many half-sisters and all of them are treating her poorly. However, she stays strong do her best at everything. Plus, the skills she learned while being a ‘maid’ at her house became quiet useful when she married since she had to pass many tests before her in-laws could trust and accept her.  She really do remind me of a newer version of Jang Nara’s character from the Mischievous Princess.

Although she was send to her husband by her evil father to retrive their power in business and make her own family (her father) richer, she actually fell in love with her husband Wuji and learned to care about everyone in the family.

Wuji (played by Qi Ji) is a cold businessman who decided to put the happiness of his family (brothers and sister) before his. To seek revenge for his family (his parents died in a criminal fire), he decides to marry the daughter of his ennemy and decided to treat her poorly and use her to retrieve information. However, unlike his plans, he married an outgoing girl who doesn’t know about the conspiracy going on. He learns to go beyond his hatred for her to lover her, while she succeed to destroy his cold apparence and love him in return. They are so cute and the scenes where they are together are OMG perfect.


Example of cute scenes:

1-When she saved his life and discovered he is afraid of fire.

2-Every little tasks she had to do to be accepted by her husband’s family.

3-When it is discovered she is not the person she says to be and runs away. He goes after her to tell her that he loves her for her person, not her title.

4-Their wedding night + bonus: flashback to their first encounter.

5-When she became jealous of a prostitute because she loves him.

6-When Wuji died and Huan Er/Yi Liu had to be all RIP. broke my heart.

7-When she decided to chose to save her father then to stay with Wuji (heart in MILLION pieces).


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The second part was ok, I guess.

I was not too convinced by the love stories of the two younger brothers. One fell in love with a prostitute while the other fell in love with a girl who likes to disguise as a man (but she is still very nice: know how to fight, think, etc). I am not too sure about the youngest brother falling in love with a prostitute because 1) he is from a very wealthy family and 2) he is so loud at proclaiming his love. The two younger brothers are just not as lucky as our OTP. ^^ I felt like it was dragging a lot. We could have seen the ending from their first encounter, but they needed 25 episodes. And, oh well, either the Chemistry between the actors was not there or I just totally missed the moment they trully fell in love with each others.

To be frank, I was mostly watching and skipping throughout the episodes to see all my Huan Er/Wuji relationship scenes! *spoiler* At the end, we discover Huan Er is pregnant and it is so adorable how happy Wuji seems to be.


3 thoughts on “[Drama Review] Cuo Dian Yuan Yang 错点鸳鸯 Xi Die Yuan Yang 戏点鸳鸯

  1. Lizzie says:

    Wow! We have same taste in c-series. Loved this too but I also liked the second brother love story . Thought it was better than Perfect Couple (Wallace huo and Tang Yan) – couldn’t finish that. I find ZLY to be right combination of whimsy, adorable but resilient and not a pushover.


  2. archidisign says:

    Yes! I think so too!! OMG, this is so cool!!
    The second bro’s story was good (and really sad at some point for the girl!), but during the ‘season 2’ I was mostly obsessed with the girl/prostitute-ish in love with the 3rd brother: she was so prettyy!!
    ZLY is my bias in the c-entertainment; I love her so much!! Yop, I love how she always chose projects with proper girl power image. Like most of her characters are not that dependent on the male lead or at least try not to.


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