Mini Weibo Update

Mini Weibo Update is back after a whole week! Celebrities seems to be taking some time off from weibo.. well, good for them, since it is better to not always be active on social media xD


Zhao Liying taking a selfie on the set of Legend of Zu


Deng Chao proudly declares how much his little girl and wife loves him… he does not know what to do…LOL, kekeke

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Tang Yan taking another selfie during vaacation times😛


Chen Qiao En sends in this picture/drawing (?) before going to sleep

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Fan Bingbing snaps these pictures and make a reference to how much she looks like those dolls in the back…

Kris Wu seems to have fun in China with his Wax Statue measurements for the Madame Tussauds of Shanghai


His ex-labelmate Siwon Choi will also get his own Madame Tussauds scultpure and was at the Hong Kong location to take down his measurements…
Talking about Siwon, he recently did a photoshot with his top model on screen girlfriend Liu Wen and they look extra cute!

Finally, we have Ariel Lin back in China enjoying the local entertainment!

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