[Updated 05/04/2015] 班淑传奇 Legend of Ban Shu Release 16min Trailer

Drama 班淑传奇 Legend of Ban Shu starring Jing Tian and Zhang Zhehan is an ancient drama series about a female imperial officer, Ban Shu who will become a very important teacher to the younger generation of officers. Because of her Hu descendance and her gender, she was first mistreated by others. Finally, she will find love and prestige. Because it is an ancient Chinese drama, I have absolutely no idea when it will air!

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This is one drama by Yu Zheng Production I have mixed feelings for. First, I wanted to watch it because it looks like a replica from the 2013 super successful and really good drama by the same agency, Legend of Lu Zhen. Second, I expect it to be the breakthrough drama for new Yumama talent, Zhang Zhehan. ZZH has been promoted left and right by Yumama in the past year, and this is his official male lead drama.

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And he seems to disappoint. There seems to be no substance into his character and, unlike Chen Xiao’s character in Legend of Lu Zhen, his character seems to have no empathy for the girl at first: he seems like a really lousy lover. Also, this drama has way too many violence with Ban Shu menacing her students with a wipe, a wife killing her own husband by mistake and stupid humans falling in trap for animals…😦

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Will, we will see if the drama will pick itself up from the trailer!

Character poster below!

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Update from 05/04/2015

*To be frank, I am quiet curious at how good the actresses will act their part. They are definitely the leads of this show. Good luck Deng Sha!

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