Last Stills/Promos for Left Ear


Remember Left Ear? Remember that one movie produced by Alec Su and starring Ou Hao, Yang Yang and more? Well, it is going to be released today🙂 Here are some last minute promotion pictures that hopefully will do the trick for you and motivate you to go watch the movie ^^

[Link to Color Vibe Promos]

The Main Characters are:

The new posters >///<:

61e7f4aajw1erfsjmujlxj20nt0xck1t 61e7f4aajw1erfsjo978tj20nu0xcwki 61e7f4aajw1erfsjpj3e6j20nu0xcqd9 61e7f4aajw1erfsjqui9kj20nu0xcwo1 61e7f4aajw1erfsjwmywmj20nt0xctii 61e7f4aajw1erfsk52syej20nt0xck4u


72aec25cgw1erfjpyig09j20p00goadb 72aec25cgw1erfjpz04u2j20p00go40m 72aec25cgw1erfjpzi1hfj20p00gotbc 704_1408568_260943 33258_3964847_471603

Promotion pictures:

704_1601852_915377 704_1603794_444463

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