[Recap] Run Brother Season 2 with Huang Xiaoming Ep. 2

This week, BIG BOSS Huang Xiaoming is coming on Run Brother! Excited? Better be, since he is well connected inside the cast, been the long term boyfriend of Angelababy, co-star in American Dream with Deng Chao… and pretty much respected by all the cast. Another reason to get excited: he is accompanied by 100 little minions from the “mafia” xD



It seems there was no dress code for the shoes ._.

First, the cast arrives in a science fiction introduction, wearing weird SF clothing and standing in tubes (hey, compare to last week, it is still an improvement!) They laugh at Zhulan (“After one hundred years, you finally grown taller xD”) while Chen He declares he would not mind sleeping a little longer xD. The PD starts talking and says they have to fight again an evil character. Each of their nametage will double in size and through the next mission, they must complete the task in order to get back their old nametag…


First mission: in one hour and 18 min, the participant must find a shop with the Run Brother tag and complete the mission given. Then, they must go back to the front of the city and Secret mission: Allow HXM (who secretly infiltrated the playground) to find his spies.

Angelababy enjoys a snack before starting her game


It is quiet easy though, considering how she only needs to win rock-paper-scissors against 4 peoples… just a game of luck🙂 PLUS, the third person from the left clearly has a crush on Baby; he places his paper a whole second after Baby, making first sure that she placed scissor <3…


Some of the individual games are really funny: Bao Bei Er have to suck a bowl of noodle made of one single long noodle, Deng Chao must have pins on his face, etc. Chen He (as seen below), must eat spicy stuffs without drinking water.


00637a3mgw1erh0uvxdrmg30bq0684qs 00637a3mgw1erh0vhamr7g30bq068b2c

When they succeed the game, they win an approval and get to hit the gong!


Final results: Z/heng Kai and Wang Zulan are the only two which still have the big tag. Interesting enough, they are also the two who got recruited by HXM xD

Second mission: Get out of the cell: they are now placed into individual cells. On each door is placed a cadenas with a code of 4 numbers. YESH. I love this, it is kind of a “Escape the Room”, just a little less complicate :3. Watching them struggling and lost is so cute ^^ and funny.

Haha… Chen He will definitely not survive high school maths. And I am not talking about the supposedly HIGH level Chinese high school math… but also American. Like literally basic level algebra.

The question he got: If rabbits and chicks have a total of 25 heads and 76 feets, how many rabbits and chicks is there?

well… x+y=35 and 2x+4y=76 right?… well he wasn’t able to solve that for 30-45 min *facepalm*


Well… luckily for the others (even though my guess is they are better at solving mathematical equations), they all got more logic and witty enigmes to solve. The results?

Bao Bei Er> Zheng Kai>Angelababy>Deng Chao>Chen He (helped by Bao Bei Er)> Wang Zhulan> Li Chen

As everyone soon get released from the cells, they start the final mission: find the final door and key to get out of the prison. Oh, and a big evil boss, aka HXM, and his two adorable minions are watching u, R Team…

I won’t go in too much details on what happens next. HXM tells ZK and WZL that they must rip off everyone’s tag except for Baby, which he wants to keep tell the end… awwnn. The first one to get kill is Deng Chao, followed by Chen He. The R Team soon discover ZK is a spy and that WZL is probably one too. HXM meets Baby multiple times in the corridors and each time, instead of catching her, flirt.😄 Well, that is so cute…

Bei Er finds a clue that allows them to revive one dead member and he chooses Deng Chao. Chen He is very unhappy:


He can not do much though since HXM does not have a name tag and is a very strong combo with ZK… the game seems to end soon…

Zheng Kai ultimately decides to betray his boss. Why? Probably because he knows boss HXM is extremely conflicted about letting Baby win or not and decided to help Baby (haha, just to make the game more interesting, ya know?). The ending of the game is all messed up: HXM comes to Baby expecting to rip her tag off, she tells him ZK just betrayed him and is searching for the key (LOL girl! I know you love this guy but come on! Are you seriously telling on your bro? not really team spirit! Lets just call this the power of love), HXM go after ZK, Baby finally finds the key and ultimately opens the door…. saving her teammates but defeating her boyfriend🙂

Oh, and shout out to that awesome scene at the end when HXM finally finds ZK and runs after him. HXM says while running:”Why are you running away from me? Aren’t we suppose to be on the same team?[innocent face]” and ZK answering:”Because you are chasing after me”! xD



All the winners get a beautiful medal in gold while HXM’s team, which cough cough include Wang Zhulan and Zheng Kai, only get drinks😛

 Sidenote: They just finished filming an couple themed episode today! The couples: 郑恺&AngelaBaby,蒋欣&陈赫,江一燕&邓超,李彩桦&包贝尔,蔡少芬&王祖蓝,霍思燕&李晨!!🙂 Exciting! Also, Lay, Lin Genxin, Aarif Lee and Jiang Jifu are starring in an episode together😀

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