Hua Qian Gu Releases More Stills + fanart + photoshot!


Who is excited for more news about Zhao Liying and Wallace Huo’s drama? I know I am! This drama is supposed to air after the broadcast of the Four 2015 and I am guilty of wanting that series to end as soon as possible (the CG effect, the bad quality, gosh, get Janine Chang out of it ASAP!). For now, we have a few new stills + the old trailer to rewatch in anticipation for its release soon!

Anyway, Zhao Li ying recently shared on her Weibo account her photoshot for her character Hua Qian Gu in the game version of her drama of the same name (yes, no question asked, she is the main lead!).

1 2 3 4

Plus, she has so many talented fans who are drawing gorgeous FanArt of her characters:

5 6 7 8

Finally, to be fair to the rest of the cast, here are the remaining stills that include everyone!

9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

Also, another side note, but did you ever realize how pretty the stills are? It is actually because the production team put a lot of efforts on the location of the filming. Look at the various places where they filmed! It is definitely different than your average Hengdian drama! :3

005z7IA6jw1ej9uifelhaj30zd0epgpx 005z7IA6jw1ej9uiglhc8j30ze0eytbv 005z7IA6jw1ej9uihj9ksj30za0evacz 005z7IA6jw1ej9uij6fowj30za0esgre 005z7IA6jw1ej9uiky8amj30za0evdma 005z7IA6jw1ej9uimbl2ij30z50eqjwy 005z7IA6jw1ej9uinot4hj30zb0etn1u 005z7IA6jw1ej9uipfhwuj30z90esdkw

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