[UPDATE 05/01/2015] More BTS from God of War Zhao Yun + Update on Filming

UPDATE 05/01/2015 see below for more pictures with Yoona!



POST 0: I know you must be as eager as me to see the final product of this hot Chinese Drama. Starring SNSD’s Yoona and Lin Gengxin, the drama got an air date for this summer on Hunan TV Channel. Yeah! In the last few days, the double of Yoona got a bit of attention for being a male? :O see picture below:


As you can see, while Yoona looks like an angel coming on earth to spread love and cuteness, her double is a masculin male with no ressemblance to the actual deal. Some people even compared the two people and said: “Is Yoona’s character a Chinese Hulk”. LOL.

Actually, let me explain to you how this weird situation happened. As you probably know already, Yoona is playing the lover of the title character Zhao Yun. Zhao Yun is one of the most prominent warrior of Chinese history so there is no surprise that Yoona will also be put in dangerous situations. Of course, with actors like Yoona who has a strong fanbase and big safety contract (at least I hope so although knowing SM I doubt that a bit), they needed doubles to act these situations. And in Chinese entertainment, it is completely normal for the double to be a male (if the scene ask for it). Hence, there is nothing too surprising with this casting choice!

Now that this controversy is over, let’s enjoy more BTS stills of the drama and hope the filming will go smoothly without any further weird controversy.

9 5 7 6 4 3 2


Is that the back of Yoona? Her fans must know right away!


No, it is just another Chinese Actress… Oups:/

Also BTS of my favorite scene (My favorite scene of the story of Zhao Yun is his heroirc battle alone against all these soldiers from Sun Quan’s side to protect the unique son of his ‘boss’, Lu Bu.

6728caedjw1erh2pmqftzj21kw16o1kx 6728caedjw1erh2pv5w2gj21kw16ox24 6728caedjw1erh38fnnalj20qo0zkq9w 6728caedjw1erh387x28qj216o1kw1kx

Update 2:

Finally we got more official stills with Yoona!😀 Enjoy! (I think she looks really pretty in white).

005OMvIygw1erhzjg6c5pj314z0o5q75 005OMvIygw1erhzji1ru6j318h0o4afw 005OMvIygw1erhzjiyxiqj31dd0n4qa2 6728caedjw1erfaq3naxxj20qo0zk159 6728caedjw1erfbq82i7tj20v815ondt

Update 3

More pictures of the cast individually. They are all so pretty! o_o

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Also, some pictures of the bad guy, because, why not?😀

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