[Update 05/04/2015] New drama 聊斋新编 “Ghost Story” Releases More Stills


Archidisign actually covered tons of stills for this drama but I am still going to give you guys an overview of it, because I find it extremely interesting but sadly underexposed. It is coming out very soon: May 6th, 2015. The drama have been picken up by Zhejiang TV and is based on a novel called《聊斋志异》by 蒲松龄. It is a classic story in Chinese litterature.

Set in the Qing Dynasty, the series tells six different stories that supposedly promotes the good and the positive in life. (Even though it is a ghost story, there will be no horror element ._., so more like a daily drama for pre teenagers?) Anyway, the six covered stories are respectfully: 《乾坤》、《陆判》、《叶生》、《连锁》、《恒娘》、and《绿衣女》.

Number of episode: 36

Main Cast:

韩雪 Han Xue
蒋梦婕 Jiang Meng Jie
陈龙 Chen Long
邓家佳 dengjia
乔振宇 Qiao Zhenyu
柯佳嬿  Kochiayen
经超经超 Jing Chao


Kimi Li, mostly known for her role in Ipartment



52-140GQ64640136 704_1607461_156634 6320b814gw1er61h1o2ndj20go0b4gof 6320b814gw1er61h1w672j20go0b4wgl 1406205722357 Tu85-avxeafs5956964

UPDATE: As the release date is approaching (it is due for 05/05/2015), here are more stills to keep you dreaming. Did you know that Ghost Story is Liao Zhai 4? I just learned this info and this makes me anticipate the drama ever more!

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