C-Actresses All Out for Chinese Video Games

Haha…. These days, so many popular actresses have been filming video game ads: Zhao Liying, Chen Qiao En, etc. Here are some of them:

Angelababy for 无敌唤灵:


Zhao Liying has been filming for the game version of Hua Qian Gu (her drama with Wallace Huo that is still not out yet TT^TT)

Tang Yan has been promoting since last few weeks the video game: 无双剑姬 which is about a pair of twins:

Yang Mi for 无双剑姬

Liu Shishi for Xian Bian 2:

Fan Bingbing for 暗黑黎明:

Chen Qiao En:

005wyOVfjw1erfyf8ommwj30rs12jaml  tumblr_nn9c1erKdC1tnzn5zo2_540 tumblr_nn9c1erKdC1tnzn5zo8_1280

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