[Movie Review] You are the Apple of My Eyes 那些年 2011



During college years, in 1994, Shen Jiayi is a honour student who is popular among the teachers and the boys. Ke Jin Teng, on the other hand, is a mischievous and bad student who slacks off in class. The two becomes friends after Jing Teng helped out Jiayi in class and the two grow together. The two are however separated in university and abruptly break up following a quarrel. Jing Teng calls Jiayi during the 921 earthquake but it is too late, she has a new boyfriend. In 2005, they see each other during Jiayi’s wedding day and the two smiles, thinking about what could happened if they followed different paths back then…


  • Kai Ko as Ke Jin Teng
  • Michelle Chen as Shen Jiayi

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9/10. This movie have been such a sensation back in 2011 and started the whole college movie wave in Taiwan and China (yes, I am talking about Fleet in Time, Left Ear,Ever Since we Loved, etc). I actually heard about the movie from a friend, who became obsessed with Michelle Chen’s portrayal of Shen Jiayi and curious, I decided to watch for myself. And indeed! After watching it, I was left with a bittersweet feeling in my heart, wondering what could have happened. Despite the self-conforting ending, the movie is not sad at all and can even be considered as optimist and heartwarming. Of course, I was banging my forehead on the table, swearing at the two main character for been so shy that they cannot even proclaim their obvious love. Then I remember how much I am just like them, and let go of those frustrations, LOL.

Anyway, even though the ending felt extremely disappointing, I still loved the movie overall. The feels you get after it, really heartwarming. Definitely one of the best movies I have seen in the past few years. The acting skills are a little over exaggerated, but we must remember that this is a Taiwanese movie, and they tend to go for the more expressive facial expressions. Michelle Chen plays the role of the model student perfectly: she is nice, diligent, well mannered, strict towards mischievous behaviors and yet extremely affectionate towards the main character. You really fall for this character, whose well surrounded but still lonely. Kai Ko plays the narrator who will later become a script writer (… that will write about their story xD). He IS his character. Like literally: he looks like a mischievous guy who would say skip class and laugh at teachers. Those who looks more at the girls than the books… Still, as a starting role, Kai Ko did an excellent job and made everyone want to root for his happiness.😛 In general, a great casting! The third most important character is played by Owodog (from Lollipop). He was not prominent in the movie, but as one of my past idols, I certainly loved seen him on screen again. The other characters include a fat introvert boy, a smarty pant, and a foolish best friend.

Oh, and lets not forget to talk about the OST, Those Bygone years (那些年). It is really awesome and I know if I was older, it would be really nostalgic. The movie itself is an autobiography of the producer and was filmed at his high school. This song, that he wrote, shows how much he putted his soul and heart in this project. I often hear this song at KTVs, so yeah, definitely recommends it ^^…

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