[Update 05/26/2015] New Drama The Gods with Luo Jin and Wang Likun


New drama The Gods released character stills for Luo Jin and Wang Likun. Not much information about the drama is known, except that Wang Likun will play the evil Fox Spirit Su Daji and Luo Jin will play Yang Jian (or as I like to call him, Er Lang Shen! keke). The other actors are Tang Yixin, Yu Hewei, Zhang Bo, and Nie Yuan.

Er Lang Shen or often known in mythology by his mortal name Yang Jian is without a doubt my favorite God in Chinese Mythology. Based on the presence of these two characters, I would assume this drama will be an adaptation of Chinese Classic novel, Feng Shen Yanyi. I am surprised there is a new version of the drama, as just last year, there was a new version of the story called The Investiture of the Gods and its sequel was aired at the beginning of 2015. Personnally, I got familiar with the story through the manga Hoshin (I know, I am a cheater😛 ) and through watching Fan Bingbing’s version (The Legend and the Hero) and Vincent Chiao’s small version (in the Prequel of Lotus Lantern). As I am quiet found of Luo Jin’s skill, I hope he will do an excellent portrayal of my god crush! hehe

See stills below:

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