Round Up of Current Projects (Beautiful Secret, Diva Hit the Road,…)


We Got Married releases lovely episodes, and here are some adorable stills: (here is out introduction of the couples and here and here are more stills from older episodes ^^)

Couple 1: Siwon and Liu Wen


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Couple 2: Kimi Qiao and Xu Lu

Couple 3: Ruby Lin and Ren Zhong

Diva Hit the Roads is getting really popular these days. Despite not watching it myself, it continuously releases fun clips and pictures of the cast and I felt so bad for not sharing them with u guys..😡 Here it is:

美丽的秘密, aka Beautiful Secret, releases these awesome stills and I can just say woah, I love it…. xD

4b0c804ajw1erj84xuw80j20p00goait 704_1611134_375927 704_1611139_976652

Talking about good news, Fan Bingbing is the first confirmed name for Guo Jingming (writer of Tiny Times) next big project: LORD. The movie, based again on a bestselling book, will be released in summer 2016. Another name that netizens are speculating to be cast is Kris Wu. Exciting right?


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