William Feng and Tang Yan lead together for Three Body


Who is ready to see Feng Shao Feng (William Feng) lead another movie? ME ME ME! The beautiful Eight Prince in Palace and Lan Ling Wang in Lan Ling Wang (xD) is now going for the sciencey look! Great, because smart is the new sexy. Three-Body is apparently a movie based from a novel called The Three-Body Problem, where the story is happening between present and flashbacks. Sadly, Tang Yan and William Feng will not play a couple instead as William will be paired up with Zhang Jing Chu and Tang Yan will be paired with Du Chun.

We have a nanotechnology scientist, mathematician and physicist are some of the professions our lovely actors. Actually, to be frank, it was the name of these professions that made me want to write about this movie. After all, I love mathematics ! (I am weird.. please excuse me).

As for now, the stills only have Zhang Jing Chu, but let’s hope for more soon!

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

At the press conference for the movie:
13 14 14

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