[June 2015 Update] Yan Yikuan keeps Busy with SIX Dramas!!!

Who in the entertainment is the busiest? Well well well, it seems like Yan Kuan, also called Yan Yikuan, is after that title. This year, he is filming multiple dramas all at the same time (or at least those dramas are not out yet). So let’s make a fast recap of what he is filming right now. Be prepared, because there are SIX dramas! O_O


1) 海上丝路 Maritime Silk Road with Ady An and Siqin GaoWa. This drama has 30 episodes and should be released for 2015. Since it is with Ady and Yan Kuan, I can guarantee some good actings! yesh!!


2) The Three Heroes And Five Gallants with Chen Xiao and Zheng Shuang, it has 45 episodes. It started to film last year! Drama, I have my eyes on you!


3) Sister 姐妹姐妹


see our first post about the drama with beautiful stills.

4) Eastern Battlefield 东方战场 For this drama, Yan Kuan is sadly not the main character. Instead, I believe 2 veterans HK actors are playing the leads.

1 2


5) Xiao Shiyi Lang 萧十一郎 with Bobo Gan, Yu Qing Bin, Li Yixiao, Zhu Yilong (!) and Kristy Zhang which has 45 episodes and should be released for 2015. Happy to see Zhu Yilong having a new drama worth watching. I am quiet found of him after his performance with Yang Rong on the series Qing Ding San Sheng 2014.

You can see the trailer from our post.

萧十一郎 (2015年电视剧).jpg

Stills below!

tumblr_nn7aqpaJ2f1tnzn5zo1_540 tumblr_nn7aqpaJ2f1tnzn5zo2_540 tumblr_nn7aqpaJ2f1tnzn5zo3_540 tumblr_nn7aqpaJ2f1tnzn5zo4_540 tumblr_nn7aqpaJ2f1tnzn5zo5_540 tumblr_nn7aqpaJ2f1tnzn5zo6_540 tumblr_nn7aqpaJ2f1tnzn5zo7_540 tumblr_nn7aqpaJ2f1tnzn5zo8_540 tumblr_nn7aqpaJ2f1tnzn5zo9_540 tumblr_nn7aqpaJ2f1tnzn5zo10_540

June Update:

1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 tumblr_nqrucpObzo1tnzn5zo1_540

6) The flames of the Great Wall 烽火长城. This is a war drama, so definitely not as much hype as other dramas full of idols. Seems like he is trying to appeal to all ages this time!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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