Zhao Liying for Bazaar and Vogue

Woah! There have been such a long time since I last posted a fashion photo shoot for the blog! I was waiting for a good one, and when I saw those two by Zhao Liying, I was really happy >///<


She looks stunning in these ones, my favorite is the rock wedding one O:)


4b0c804ajw1erj84wrpgxj20go0p0jsh 4b0c804ajw1erj84x3m0ij20p00gowfz 4b0c804ajw1erj84xuw80j20p00goait 005Up3gJgw1erje89r6irj30nd0hcgn8


This one seems to be for a special street fashion feature, but she looks so nice in them

704_1611139_976652 704_1613808_688486 704_1613812_564171 a3afbec4jw1erh0j3xcttj20ol0gd42s a3afbec4jw1erh0j4qn5vj20hs0c8jua704_1611134_375927

Oh, and one last bonus for the heck of it:


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