Mini Weibo Update

First, a couple date for Deng Chao and wify Sun Li :3 I love both of them so much and  it is nice to see they are spending time together🙂. Sadly, Sun Li will not participate in the filming of this season’s Run Brother but did promised she will if there will be a season 3!

005F4Uyxjw1erf8ll7vobj30qo0zk0xh 005F4Uyxjw1erf8rd0a6cj30os112n0u


In other news, Deng Chao has been under the lights for not knowing how to write Ba in Xue Ba during his performance in Run Brother xD His answer is hilarious:


(trans: “So, no one noticed I intentionally acted like I cannot write the word Ba? keke, I admire my own acting skills~”)


In addition, Tao (ex-EXO member) posted this line on the 26th April: “Sorry. Bless”The comments with the most likes are:

[+10580] TDYOT:呵呵[拜拜][拜拜][拜拜] (trans: “keke”)

[+11852]李镇鸿:呵呵。。当初骂谁叛徒来着 (trans: keke, so who is calling who traitor?)

[+13259] 吴皇赐你一丈红:没事,只有你健康就好!(No worries! Only your health is important!)

[+12707] 法唯:孝顺的boy 多打打自己的脸就可以了啪啪啪 (Hit more your face… pa!pa!pa!)

[+18743]桃豹子:黄子韬!海浪永远陪着你支持你!!!(Zi Tao! Forever with you, forever supporting you)

(there is a lot more negative comments but it is still nice to see people are rooting for him too ^^)

He Jiong celebrated his birthday with lovely Happy Camp crew and Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy who came to record the special episode on My Sunshine


Fan Binbgbing looks gorgeous (as always xD) for Rebecca Hair:


And because she is flawless, here is some other pictures of Fang Ye sporting street fashion😛

005Up3gJjw1erk3w5h3loj30c80biab5 005Up3gJjw1erk3w912o4j30c80bi3zu

Finally, some edits (fanmade ofc) of Liu Yifei and Kris Wu together🙂

9e202c59jw1erft3lnzooj20k00k0mzl 9e202c59jw1erft47w0rej20k00k00v3

Additionally, here are some BTS from So You’re Still Here of Kris Wu:


This ambiguous picture is from Angelababy and my guess is it is from another Run Brother Filming (because they often make their cast wear weiiiird costume). She says with her picture: “All scars are medal earned through struggling. Fighting to ourselves” (weibo).


Here, Chen Qiao En’s celebrating the end of another day of filming!

Chen Qiao en

Chen Xiao looks just too good to be true *_* so I had to share it.

Chen Xiao

Dylan Guo exercising (or at least posing for one second keke).


Here, we have actress Jiang Kai Tong enjoying summer and the view in Shanghai.



Finally, Siwon the selfie whore😛


5 thoughts on “Mini Weibo Update

      • I recently created one to follow C-entertainment updates after I heard that foreigners can now register with just an email account but it’s really time consuming so I tend to rely on weibo updates from drama bloggers so I can get the best, funniest moments in the shortest time hehe.


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