[Feature] Peter Ho + Advancement in Korea = Awkward?


[disclaimer = this is an opinion article by Archidisign]

I recently came up to this new article on the very popular blog about kpop: Netizenbuzz. The article is called Taiwanese top star Peter Ho declares Korean Advancement. Okkkk…. Never heard about this and I am quiet surprised at this decision from him (that is a very unliky decision). I am not trying to bash Netizenbuzz or Korean medias in general, but I really doubt this news is legit (my guess is it is just an insecure Korean article to make Korea feel better that all their top stars are moving to China). Anyhow, this article do bring up some issues I want to discuss. So, this Feature will focus on two points: 1)  the comments made on Netizenbuzz and 2) a general description of Peter Ho’s career/life and maybe why he would want a Korean Advancement.

1- The comments on Netizenbuzz

There are a lot of comments on Netizenbuzz, both by Knetizens and Inetizents. I will chose a few ones that bug me (to the point I wanna discuss about it) and the ones that represent accurately the general opinion on the news.

1. [+5,000, -214] Even if he’s a top star, reality is that his public recognition level in Korea is lower than Zhang Yuan… ㅋㅋㅋ

It is the top comment, so let’s start with that. Ok, first it really hurts to see that Koreans think that this attention seeker and close minded person from a Korean variety show, and who is under agency SM C&C (which probably means half of what he is saying is scripted for maximum effect), represents the Chinese population in Korea (and probably a little bit in the international kpop fandom).

2. [+3,130, -59] I don’t know who he is yet but he seems to have positive feelings for Korea so I hope he works hard ㅎㅎ

So what? If he doesn’t like Korea, he is automatically a jerk not worthy of a career in acting? I am sorry, but if he has the acting talent to go to Korea, so let it be. I mean we are ok with people such as Lee Minho, Kim SooHyn, Im Yoona, Song Victoria, Choi Siwon, Henry Lau, etc coming to act and work in China, even if I am convinced not all of them think China is the best country ever.

3. [+2,270, -56] I like him better than Jay Chou already

Haha. =_= Of course you do. Jay Chou is just like the King of Taiwanese Music Industry so be pressed Korean netizens. No, but seriously, Jay Chou is a great singer and he brought amazing music to the whole world and has as strong fanbase in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Western countries. His music is great and I strongly recommend his songs Simple Love and Ju Hua Tai.

I think the reason Korean people are hating on him is because in the past, he had a few problems with Kpop. In the past, he said he disapproved of the kpop movement because it is too industrialized and there is no musical focus. This is his opinion and I don’t think he is being that rude since what he is saying is already known truth. Also, in 2012, he made a comment asking for Psy’s Gangnam Style fever to stop. Maybe it is rude, but it is not like it is the first time someone mentions it. Anyway, I just feel like the knetizens are staying press for small useless details and look, they are missing out on one of the greates artist of our generation.

7. [+197, -35] I doubt even 1,000 Koreans know him

Well, then shame on you. Peter Ho is a great actor as you will see in the later part of this article.

Internation fans comment:

[+112] I don’t know him, but he’s hot. congrats

Yes. He has quiet a nice body. :3 Too bad most ifans have no idea how great and popular he actually is in the mandarin speaking world.

[+20] but Jay is cool too. (shared the link to music video for  Ju Hua Tai)

Yes! Thank you! Give him some love for his music. It is worth it!

2- Peter Ho the multi talented actor

If you have being reading our blog, you have heard about Peter Ho. He filmed a lot of dramas and movies, with a lot of them being very well received. Right now, he is working on a drama with Victoria Song (see our first post here) and a movie with Janine Chang (see our first post here). Also, he did have a few encounter with Korean culture before this year. In fact, he was often rumored for dating Korean ex- First Love icon, Jang Nara. Jang Nara had a few years of success in China and they often made the headlines.

Anyhow, let’s look at some of his successful projects and maybe you will recognize that you already watched him perform before. As you will see, he basically had projects with most A-list actors in China!

Sophie’s Revenge which also featured superstar Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing

2014 The Monkey King where he played the mighty Erlang Shen

Tiny Times 小時代 2014 (drama version of the movie series)

Drama Go!Go!Go! with Ruby Lin, Jiro Wang, etc.

Super popular drama Three Kingdom as the handsome Lu Bu

Summer’s Desire with Huang Xiaoming and Barbie Hsu (he himself produced the drama)

Butterfly Lovers with Dong Jie


The Young Warriors from super popular Tangren agency (also featured Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi)


The Legend of Hero

Wind and Cloud (I love the manga!) This adaptation is quiet good although I liked the HK movie version a bit more :3

9 thoughts on “[Feature] Peter Ho + Advancement in Korea = Awkward?

  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    And, as a result, I just went and watched Sophie’s Revenge. I’ve been meaning to watch it for quite a while but Peter Ho made it top of my Saturday night list. Which historical one of his should I tackle next? (I’m reading a lot of cnovel translations right now so I’m feeling old-timey . . .)


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hey🙂 I would totally recommend Three Kingdom, especially if you want historical drama full of smart peole (not wuxia right?). Peter Ho appears a fair amount in the first fifteen episodes, so you can decide if you want to continue it after. Just be careful, coz the series contains heavy topics and almost no romantic interests. The start is slow, but the story is solid. I actually wrote a review for it if you wanna check that out too ^^ (Otherwise, in modern dramas, I would recommend the drama Tiny Times, even thou Peter Ho’s acting in it was just average and Summer’s Desire if you wanna watch something super stereotyped… )


    • archidisign says:

      Don’t listen to intellectualkitten if you are not too into super startegy dramas… Three Kingdoms is very complicated to follow and need some serious dedication and background knowledge before watching😛
      For historical dramas, I would recommend Young Warriors of the Yang Clan 少年杨家将. It is really good! Another one that is really good is Wind and Cloud. The story is very similar to the HK manga it is adapted from. However this one was produced in TW and hence obviously lacked budget for the fighting scenes…


      • humbledaisy1 says:

        Just checking back here – Wind and Cloud: The Storm Riders? That’s what I found on YTube. But there also appears to be a Wind and Cloud 2, as well.


      • archidisign says:

        Yes! There are actually two seasons to the show. They both have the same leads, but definitely start with season 1!🙂 (But just make sure you are not watching the movie version instead of the drama one)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. humbledaisy1 says:

    Well, I don’t want to come between friends so – I’ll look for both (YW and 3K) of them online. Modern drama wise, I’ve already watched Summer’s Desire – mainly because I found it sub titled – mainly for P.H. In Tiny Times – the drama series version – poor Gong Min really gets the short end of the stick. However, I haven’t found Wind and Cloud yet but it also looks good. I guess I’m just a sucker for a good looking actor who can be handsome and imperfect at the same time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • archidisign says:

      Haha, no problem. Intellectualkitten doesn’t mind!😉
      Good luck finding the subbed versions :S they are so rare for cdramas it is a bit sad😥
      Me too, girl me too. My number one criteria when lookinng for a new drama to watch is for the male lead to be handsome and reallyyy attractive! In consequence, now I am stanning way too many actors at the same time.


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