[Updated 05/02/2015] Stills +TRAILER for Yoona and Lin Genxin’s drama 武神赵子


I must admit, thanks to all the hype and excitation for this drama, I am starting to anticipate it myself. The story does not seem to be outstanding, but hey! at least the cast looks nice ^^. Recently, there have more pictures released for their official conference and character poster and the crew took the change to snap some pictures.

The chinese drama 武神赵子龙 is set to release in August 2015. It has a budget of two hundred million rmb and has already attracted international attention. Korean pop star Yoona from Girl’s Generation plays the character of 夏侯轻衣 (Xiahou Qingyi), a beautiful and smart young maiden who later discovers her birth secret alongside the character of Lin Gengxin, 赵子龙 (Zhao Zilong). Completing the love triangle will be Kim Jeong-hoon, from Korean duo UN [sidenote: UN makes me think of United Nations ._. oh well, I should be used to weird kpop group names]. To get you guys more hyped by the drama, here are some more set snaps found on Weibo🙂


Character Poster:

005OMvIygw1erntps9aqij31kw0pgdv4005OMvIygw1erntltv0raj31kw0pgwst005OMvIygw1erntj8fvkaj31kw0pgtm9 005OMvIygw1erntkjbz7qj31kw0pgk6r  005OMvIygw1erntn5kvb6j31kw0pg18z 005OMvIygw1erntog30pqj31kw0pgna3  005OMvIygw1erntr3bqxmj31kw0pgzym 005OMvIygw1erntseafdwj31kw0pg4bx 005OMvIygw1ernttsufl4j31kw0pg198

Pictures from Conference

4cac89c5jw1erntsytqhjj20vk0nodln 4cac89c5jw1erntt8lr06j218g0tmh1q 4cac89c5jw1erntt20mmyj218g0tmthq  4911dbdbjw1ernlijupaij20dc0hsq4l 4911dbdbjw1ernlilimgfj20dc0hs0uh 6728caedjw1ernuvrsx99j20qo0zk7wh

704_1616766_441195 704_1616767_810318 704_1616770_321774 704_1616771_824946 704_1616773_891957 704_1616774_517454 704_1616781_763976 704_1616783_225303 66316_1211371_526416

Past Stills recycled o:)

Also, a few extra pictures (It seems the original picture released ommitted the two most important second hand men of Liu Bei, which surprised me at first since these two characters are so important historically and in the context of the Three Kingdoms’ story. Idol dramas, right?)1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Anyway, here are more Character posters for you to check out!
tumblr_nnnv4k6iJJ1tnzn5zo1_1280 tumblr_nnnv4k6iJJ1tnzn5zo2_1280 tumblr_nnnv4k6iJJ1tnzn5zo3_1280 tumblr_nnnv4k6iJJ1tnzn5zo4_1280 tumblr_nnnv4k6iJJ1tnzn5zo5_1280 tumblr_nnnv4k6iJJ1tnzn5zo6_1280 tumblr_nnnv4k6iJJ1tnzn5zo7_1280 tumblr_nnnv4k6iJJ1tnzn5zo8_1280 tumblr_nnnv4k6iJJ1tnzn5zo9_1280

BTS video: Yoona on the horse! xD It is just filming so… no real horse😦 At least she looks cute

Chinese media reports Yoona celebrated Lin GengXin’s birthday together and kfans sadly assumed they became an item. Yoona herself explains to the worried fans that nothing is happening between them. Of course, she has Lee Seuggi as a gorgeous boyfriend – doesn’t need to look elsewhere!


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