f(x) Reunites to Film CF

tumblr_nno4p9Ev1F1tinakxo2_1280Yes, this is not Chinese entertainment related. Yes, only one of the five is Chinese. And this is kpop, which means tons of people are going about it anyway. But I still felt the need to write an article😛 Because I LOVE f(x) so much ^^. And this rumor of  a possible comeback makes me so happy (especially since the girls haven’t been together for such a long period of time)These days, Victoria has been busy filming her drama Beautiful Secret, Luna was taking a break outside of Korea (she is also rumored to be the singer on the Hidden Singer show), while Amber has just finished promoting for her album ^^…I think I am more happy at the idea that they are finally together than them having a comeback! Supporting my girls… Here are some other adorable pictures of Victoria with her Beautiful Secret crew:

tumblr_nnmvrlrMQJ1up3b5ho1_1280 tumblr_nnmvrlrMQJ1up3b5ho2_1280

During a recent conference, Victoria declared f(x) is preparing for their comeback. (oh yeah) And today, they posted tons of selfies with the members (minus Sulli):

tumblr_nno4p9Ev1F1tinakxo6_1280 tumblr_nno4p9Ev1F1tinakxo7_1280tumblr_nno4p9Ev1F1tinakxo2_1280

tumblr_nno1unCcPh1srw21co1_250 tumblr_nno1unCcPh1srw21co2_250 tumblr_nno1unCcPh1srw21co3_250 tumblr_nno1unCcPh1srw21co4_250

Clumsy video update from Victoria

or just look at the gifs here

and Amboria

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