New Drama Pal Inn 仙剑客栈 release Character Stills


Yeah! A new drama called Pal Inn 仙剑客栈 , and a fun on it seems, based on the BTS pictures. The cast is brand new with pretty much only new names: Wu Lei, Sun Xue Ning, Xu Yue, Tong Ke Ke, Yuan Qiong Dan, Bi Da Xun and Liu Qi. The only name I know from the bunch is Wu Lei and it is because of his recent performance as young Yang Guo (before he trains with Xioa Long Nu) in the 2014 adaptation of the Return of the Condor Heroes. I really like him/his acting and seeing him getting offering lead roles so soon make me happy. He is also playing in a drama with Zhang Han (which is also supposed to be released for 2015). Anyway, here are the character stills.

The drama is produced by One hundred million odd Entertainment (strange name) and its announced boost time is March 1st, 2015 (so fast coming!).
13654_803161786434897_597423166833783545_n  10371541_803161823101560_6140371058964872186_n 10404224_803161739768235_544831070200246572_n 10492572_803162119768197_5618598709296290693_n  11013502_803161903101552_7902226512990194234_n 11036444_803161873101555_6322288029007987743_n 11071788_803161656434910_4798517044703768049_n 11078023_803161906434885_5407853002287134573_n 11079659_803161813101561_6719344123383963323_n 11080969_803161606434915_4933344024045695574_n  11095402_803161826434893_3590248110992035985_n 11096457_807215499362859_988812521338667590_n



UPDATE: more stills

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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