[Recap] Qing Ding San Sheng 情定三生 (2014) Episode 1


The drama Qing Ding San Sheng 情定三生 also called Love for Three Lives was one of my little Coup de coeur 2014. It is a great little drama of only 26 episodes which is really not a lot compared to other Cdrama. I am writing this recap to encourage people to watch the drama so it is kind of like a little teaser ^^


Cast: Yang Rong as Gu Zhixia – Purba Rgyal as Xiang Tian – Zhu Yilong as Chi Rui – Zhang Meng as Cheng Lingxue/ Cuicui – Cheng Pei-Pei as Old Lady Chi

Summary (by viki):

This drama, set in the Early Republic era, tells the story of Gu Zhi Xia (Yang Rong), the long-lost daughter of a military governor. Originally named Ling Xue, she lost her memories on her way to reunite with her father. Without her memories she was renamed Zhi Xia and her sworn sister, Cui Cui (Zhang Meng), assumed her identity as Ling Xue. More than anything, this tells the complex and heart-wrenching love story of Zhi Xia and the two men who love her. Will she ultimately end up with Xiang Tian (Purba Rgyal), a tough bandit whom she fell in love with after having experienced several life and death situations together, or will she end up with Chi Rui (Zhu Yi Long), the young master of the Chi family who fell in love with her at first sight. Follow Zhi Xia as she experiences happiness, heartache and most of all love.

(basically, think of a mix of Huan Zhu Gege and Lady and The Liar.)



The episode starts at the some political party of a high ranked general.


We see our two lead girls being kidnapped/captured by some shaddy people, including an mean lady who is threatening them with a needle (lol at the Huan Zhu Ge Ge reference). ZhiXia (Yang Rong) is the little sister between the two (or should I say sworn sister since they are not related by blood).


That lady goes as far as wanting to burn the two girls’ skin to hurt them. I think the lady wanted to force them to become prostitutes.


Cui Cui (Zhang Meng) says they accept to sign the contract so the mean lady set them free from their ropes. However, our heroines are not so resilient and immediately fight back as soon as they are free to move.


CC is caught while trying to escape by one of the guy and the girls have to separate for now. ZX promises she will go get her father and come save her.


The Colonel from the party is shot by our male lead at his super party.

9 10 

Male lead has a few minutes of fame where he flies around and kick asses with his gun techniques. (It is so hard to screenshot action shot and I am sorry for the quality of the pictures).


ZX is running in the street still having one of the bad guys’ after her. She fell on the floor and it seems like an electric pole (I am guessing electric pole, but I am not sure what it is exactly) is going to fall on her.


Male lead Xiang Tian (Purba Rgyal) sees her in danger and saves her.

13 14 15 16

Then, he keeps being the bad ass by shooting at all the soldiers around him, while trying to protect ZX. He takes her by her hand and they run away.

17 18

While escaping, ZX sees a girl and her mother being in danger and runs to save the little girl. XT is surprised to see her ready to put herself in danger to protect others, but runs after her to save both of them.

19 20

However, they is still get caught at the end and although ZX tries to tell the guard she has nothing to do with this guy, they still put both of them in prison. It is learned that XT is a  bandit from the mountains (and that their group is actually quiet menacing to the government in place).

21.5 21

At the same time, we see Chi Rui (Zhu Yilong), the young master of a powerful Business family, arriving to a brothel.

22 23

Cui Cui is at the brothel and the owner of the brothel (or also called the mean lady) is forcing her to work for her. While getting out from the room to her next destination, she sees Chi Rui and ask him to save her, saying she comes from a good family and all of this is an error. He ignores her.


ZX realizes that XT is hurt and offers to help him since she has good medical knowledge (note to self: If I go back in time to the Republica Era, I better learn to heal handsome male lead). XT doesn’t want her to, but she auto declares that she is his doctor now and he better follow her orders.

25.3 25
At his business meeting, CR has difficulty to discuss with his business partner who is way more interested by the ladies around.


He suggests for both of them to go watch the ‘prostitute auction’ thing going on in the main hall (I am not sure if it called right, but it is basically buying the lady of the night and the one who gives the better offer can sleep with that girl).


That business partner buys CC to sleep with, but gets a bad surprise when the girl is not cooperating and bites his ear to the level that bleed is everywhere. He is so mad he says he wants to see her out (I am guessing a really bad punishment, but I don’t know what).


CR offers to buy her freedom.


She feels thankful and follows him in the street to thank him. He shows that he obviously doesn’t care much about her although it is quiet obvious CC just felt in love with him.

28.5  29

Back in prison. Xiang Tian’s best friend, another bandit from the mountain, easily breakthrough the prison’s walls and save his friend in another very bad ass fashion. They see each other and salute in some boy code and hand gestures.


Xiang Tian is obviously getting attached to Zhi Xia and wants to bring her back to the mountains. However, best buddy says no she will slower them in their escape and he has to leaver her alone and inconscient on the mountain road to protect her. Afterward, the military soldiers come by. They see she is inconscience and takes her jade pendant (her valuable stuff, these corrupted jerks) and throw her off the hill.


The bandits group arrives back to their little village very happy because they think they succeeded to save their mission (of killing the military governor). However, when he goes to see the Big Boss, he learns a bad news…

32 33

The military governor is not dead. Instead, he used a body double for his own protection. He learns the murderer is Xiang Tian and says to his subordinates to capture him fast.


Meanwhile, Cui Cui comes to the Governor’s house thinking that Zhi Xia must be there and learns that the governor is not dead yet. Very satisfied, she leaves.

35 36

A bit after, she throws herself in front of the governor’s house and is hit : she is in a critical state. While inconscious, she starts saying some words that have obvious meaning to the governor. He tells the soldiers to take care of her.

37 38 39 40 41 42

The governor thinks she is his lost daughter. He tells the maid and girls around the house to treat her well. Thanks to that, she is having a great time being well treated by the Cheng family. She takes the name of her best friend Zhi Xia’s real name, LingXue. She feels a bit scared and guilty for lying and there are flashbacks of her time with Zhi Xia, when both of them swore to be sisters together.


A soldier goes to ZX and LX’s old neighborhood to check on LX’s background (if she is legit really Cheng Lin Xue). One of the beggars lies and says yes she is.

44 45

Zhi Xia is found by a father and his son. They are the owner of a modest little motel and are really good to her.

46 47

The episode with LingXue hearing the Governor telling his subordinate how the background check for LingXue is going. She is obviously scared to be discovered.

END of recap (hope you enjoyed it and wanna watch it now! :3 )

5 thoughts on “[Recap] Qing Ding San Sheng 情定三生 (2014) Episode 1

  1. Lizzie says:

    I watched till ep 5 and when it was clear the OTP was the bandit and not the young master; I stopped ! Never had a thing for the bad guy – young master is so much better! Love Yang Rong though . Checked this out after Beauty Maker which I thought was fabulous !


    • archidisign says:

      You should keep watching then! I think there were a lot of scenes of the Young master Chi Rui as you go on! *spoiler* Zhi Xia had to marry Chi Rui and live at his house, so lots of their scenes coming. I liked the bad guy a lot too. I feel like I am the only one who felt for him, but he was so cute in the first episodes. Then he turned into a kind of jerk… but oh well, it is too late, I was already on the ship.
      Yang Rong is really gorgeous as an actress and she has a lot of dramas coming. For example, she plays the antagonist in Yun Zhong Ge which will start airing in September.


  2. Cat says:

    One of the best dramas in terms of plot advancement and acting. Huge shipper of the young master. He becomes a really good guy as the bandit becomes an arse. Because of this drama, I am now a fan of both Yang Rong and Zhu Yi Long. Huge HUGE fan of Zhu Yilong. He was fantastic as the young master and as the singer for the opening theme song for the drama. Highly recommend it!


    • archidisign says:

      Haha. I agree that Zhu Yilong was perfect in this drama. He has another one coming (Border-Town Prodigal) with Viann Zhang (Xinyu) and it just wrapped up filming this week!


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