[Recap] Run Brother with Song Jia and Ou Di Ep. 3


First, before I start recapping for the thrilling episode of this week (I felt so bad for team green this time :”D), lets get you guys updated with the weibo news on the topic:

1- After the episode of HXM (bf of Angelababy), Deng Chao was asked if he has any intention to invite Sun Li (his wife <3) on the show. His answer:”If she ever comes, her nametag will be the first one I will rip off. (LOL). People seems to believe I have no power at home so I will definitely show them if she ever comes” <= hehe, I still want Sun Li to come thou

2-Bao BeiEr got so much respect since last episode for his wit🙂 Right now the popularity of the members on weibo is: 1-Baby, 2-Zheng Kai, 3-Li Chen, 4-Deng Chao…

OKAY… Back to recapping. Intro (a little less lame compare to before, but I am still sighing): we seen our members run in the sun together to the destination… This week, the guests are Ou Di (who already appeared in season 1) and Song Jia (known as a goddess with guts :P). The teams are divided as follows: Green (Deng Chao, Bao Bei Er, and Wang Zulan), Red (Zheng Kai, Angelababy, and Ou Di) and Blue (Li Chen, Chen He, and Song Jia). They must create a combinaison of 5 pieces of mahjong this week to win the game ^^!

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First game: in 2min, find two pairs of Mahjong pieces and bring them together. Attention: the pieces can move randomly and you must bring them on your back. Chen He and Bai Bei Er, all witty, randomly calls “Shift!” when their team is not playing, bringing the human-pieces to move XD! Results: The green tean win easily the game


Second game: complete three missions in the shortest time in order to win the game! First: using long chopsticks, take three milk boxes and bring them to the red square. Game two: blindfolded, one person must pour water in a glass placed on another person’s. Game three: suck the milk placed in a BIG bowl using a straw of about 4-5m long…Yikes! Chen He looks like a little red monster when he puts on the blindfolds and get laugh at. Green team acts all cocky while playing the game and does a decent fight. Final results: Red team win!

Third game: Human bowling on swimming pool! Yes, it looks just as silly as what you just read. xD Deng Chao declares they are going to win for sure since they have a literal bowling ball, aka Bao Bei Er xD. Red team try to win but each attempt is more like a gag show than anything else (ie. Zheng Kai tries to do a 360 degree flip but only succeed at knocking 2 pieces as he travels straight out of the platform xD). Surprisingly, it is the blue team that wins😛

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Final game!  Inside the building, finds all the remaining pieces (3 pieces) to make a suite. Each member will have one piece inside their nametag while the others must be found through out the building. Each time they get their tag off, they must go back to drink a cup of nasty black *** (sorry, I have no idea what they drunk, octopus juice maybe?:P). There is also a King piece, which can be transformed to anything them want. Luckily (or very unluckily xD), Bai Bei Er of green team finds the King pieces and is now the prey for everyone else. Team Red and team blue make an alliance, goal: take the King piece. They rip off Wang Zulan’s nametag easily and Deng Chao’s after a while. The game end pretty fast as Li Chen (such a suspense right? xD I mean, who else?) take out Bei Er’s tag and lead the Blue team to their win. Poor green team, at the end of the game, they don’t even have one sole piece of Mahjong and ends at last place.

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