Round Up of Current Projects: Legend of Zu, Diva Hits the Road, Real Men, etc.

Recent projects/bts/pictures of everything that is getting media attention (and mine ^^) this week!



A cute BTS for the Legend of Zu featuring Zhao Liying😀


The cast of Run Brother which snapped this people packed selfie for their third episode🙂


Happy Camp invited the cast of You’re My Sunshine (Yang Mi, Huan Xiaoming, Angelababy) for a fun and popular episode. Yang Mi got a lot of public recognition on the episode for looking so slim and young despite it been her first project since giving birth. Vampirism much? she looks just like ten years ago. 0.o

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Pillow fighting with Yang Yang and probably the rest of the members of Diva Hits the Road

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Real Men started this week and >< I must admit, I have been snobbing this project for a long time because it didn’t feel fun for me. Even though it has some of my favorite actors such as Yuan Hong (from The Condor Heroes) and Wang Baoqiang (aka Xu Shan Duo). Another famous member is Du Hai Tao from Happy Camp. The show was brought from Korea’s Real Men and is quite popular… so I may check it out when I will be extremely bored😛

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Finally, two gorgeous pictures of Tong Liya at the Great Wall. I know she is not a project to say, but those pictures where so pretty that I just got to share xD

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