[Feature] 5 Reasons Why I love Deng Chao+Sun Li


For everyone who regularly reads our blog, you would know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Deng Chao. And that I love his relationship with his gorgeous wife Sun Li. This article will walk you through their beautiful love story and the many reasons I find this couple extremely attractive.

Sadly, the couple did not get a proper wedding, since they married in secret in 2011. Indeed, the two love birds were afraid that a marriage would affect negatively the promotions of Legend of Zhen Huan (since both where not well established enough).😦 Therefore, it is hard to find pictures of their wedding.

Reason 1: Their family. If you don’t know, the two top actors have two adorable kids: Deng Deng Deng who is three year old and Petals who just turned one! (before you ask: yes, those names are only nicknames, not official ones one would find on passport and stuffs). Sun Li’s weibo description is “1+1=4”, which is not a mistake, but just the mathematical equation of their love❤


Dengx3 has tons of pictures of him by his parents while Petals only have a few… here is an extended but not exclusive gallery of their offsprings😀

Reason 2: They show their love in public in the most goofy and adorable way on Weibo. Here are some of my favorite weibo posts of the couple and their translations for you people (because I want more people to fangirl with me :D):


[Trans: DC: Maybe because he could not stand the unconditional love of mom towards dad, Deng Deng Deng poured a cup of coffee for me. When I drank, I realized it was a cup of soy sauce. SL: Hahahahahahahahaha]


[Trans: DC: People say we look alike]


[Trans: DC: Everyone says I daily black you (bad mouth you), so today, I am going to choose your best picture and offer it to everyone. Don’t need to thank me, we are the same family! Shout with me: Happy birthday!~~~]


[Trans: SL: father’s love]


[Trans:  DC: Petals is one today!]

And more posts that I am too lazing to translate :3

Reason 3: Not only are they an OTP in real life, they are also an OTP in the drama/movie world!


In drama: Happiness is like Flower


Sun Li guest stars in Deng Chao’s movie: Break Up Guru


Tian Mi Mi, movie of 2007


Mural, movie of 2011

Reason 4: They have great chemistry and are funny together:

Proof 1: Happy Camp special with Deng Chao

During this episode, Deng Chao was asked about his personal life and his position in the marriage with Sun Li. As his dorky and self-promoting self, he ofc said he is THE KING at home and that Sun Li must answers his every needs. (Example: Sun Li must come pick him up after work😄 He can only eat hot meal when arrived home, Everything he says is absolute). Then, the hosts invite Sun Li through a call to answer those affirmations and her answer is hilarious… xD Here is the clip.

Reason 5: They often go to events together as each other’s date (dont look at me like this and say: Obviously)… for me, it still feels magical😀


Here are some post-wedding pictures they shoot later together at conferences😀

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9 thoughts on “[Feature] 5 Reasons Why I love Deng Chao+Sun Li

    • intellectualkitten says:

      YESH :))) A new fan😉 I kind of want to watch legend of Zhen Huan since everyone say it is one of the best historical drama. But it seems kind of heavy and have 90 episodes😡 so maybe during the summer… I am of Chinese descent so I speak fluently mandarin, but my readings are kind of stuck at first year elementary. it is however enough to read basic mandarin and watch dramas🙂


      • Yes, Legend of Zhen Huan is indeed one of the best historical dramas I have watched! I can’t watch historical dramas without comparing them to LZH nowadays haha. It is lengthy at 76 episodes but I find 4 episodes a day is well paced and an easy watch as long as you got 3 hours to spare. I look forward to your review after you finish watching it in the summer!


  1. Gil says:

    Both had a fantastic official marriage ceremony in 2012 ,a year after their marriage registration as Sun Li had to film Zhen Huan in 2011. You can watch the touching moments of their wedding in Youtube.


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