Liu Yifei and Kris Wu Together for So You’re Still Here!


As stated in the title, Liu Yifei and Kris Wu will be collaborating in a movie! Even though I am not sure about Wu Yifan’s acting skills, I am trilled to know LYF is having a new movie. Fans of both parties have been super excited and shipped them together… :3 It is probably gonna come out in six months… CRY… The airing date is not confirmed yet.

It will be…. wait for it…. another college love story. Sigh. Seriously? Fleet of Time and Ever Since We Love just came out recently while Left Ear and Gardenia are coming out this month and in July… and they are planning ANOTHER movie set in a college? Seriously, I am like 6-7 hours at school everyday, do you seriously expect me to watch this many school movies during my free time? Sigh, and don’t get me started on how much I want/need a romantic love story in my own school life. SIGH. Oh well… here are the stills and BTS pictures :))

[Updated: New BTS, here we come!]


Photoshopped by netizens

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3 thoughts on “Liu Yifei and Kris Wu Together for So You’re Still Here!

  1. i read this story, i like the story when they were in school but not like the story when they grown up.. and i seriously don’t like the hero’s characteristic… but.. since its wuyifan who playing that annoying character, i will still watch..

    fanfan’s acting skill, even as a fan, i would say it was so-so… he was terrible in some scene in his debut movie, but i hope he already improved by now.. i don’t put much expectation but i believe he will get better!!😀

    ps: just hope this movie will be show in Malaysia too…


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Woah, how do you read c-novel? Are they translated in Malaysian (btw, so cool to know you are from Malaysia ^^)? I wanna read Chinese but it is hard to learn. x) and Kris has that Korea kind of acting… very oppressive and silent, maybe by been in China full time, he can improve?

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