Photoshoot Round Up: Godfrey Gao, Liu Yi Fei, Yang Zi, Ady An and Xu Lu


Intellectualkitten mentionned how we only have photoshoots with Angelababy these days… And that changes now! Ready for Mega Round-Up (or not so much since it is only 5 sets)?

This hot actor that you will be able to see in the new Summer drama God of War Zhao Yun or, as it is called now, Chinese Hero, is Godfrey Gao. He recently did a photoshop special Black and White for Harper’s Bazaar 2015 and shows to all his fangirls what ‘guy in suit’ means. Ahhhh Dreamy

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Next is Liu Yi Fei or Crystal Liu. She is busy right now filming a college drama with Kris Wu and promoting with her The Third Way of Love costar Song Seung Heon. This photoshoot appeared on Femina.

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Finally, we have Yang Zi. This girl whom I learned to love through her performance as Xia Xue on the popular Chinese sitcome Home with Kids is currently busy filming on the variety show Diva hits the road. She also got quiet a bit of recognization for her performance on Battle of Changsha with Wallace Huo.

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Ady An isn’t too busy right now, or is she? Hum hum… She has a few projects going on right now, including dramas Tong Hua Meng and Maritime Silk Road. However, she does not get too much media attention:/ Then let’s give her some! Here, she looks totally badass.

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To finish up the photoshoot round-up, here is Lu Xu looking mature and feminine. She is filming We Got Married (Chinese edition) with Kimi Qiao. I don’t know much about her projects… sorry about that😛 She recently covered the magazine Lifestyle.

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