[Feature] Chinese Ancient Hanfu vs. Japane Kimono?

Japan vs-China

Another Fashion feature? Yes :3 But this time between China and Japan! This is a simple post (I am overwhelmed with papers and exams coming up so sadly less time to write long features). In this one, we will be comparing the Japanese Kimono versus the Chinese classic clothing of the Han Dynasty (with some Chu dynasty components).

Here is a fashion timeline of Chinese Clothing. In this post, we will focus on the Han Dynasty clothing, hanfu, which starts approximately around the 206 BCE and ends at around 220 AD. The reason for this focus that is because I find this costume style veryy similar to the Japanese kimono. Of course, the two also have distinct differences.


Chinese dressing background information: These dresses can be seeing in some historical dramas such as Beauty’s Rival in Palace and Beauties of the Emperor (both dramas were produced by Yu Zheng production, hence the Beauty in the title =_=).

Here are some costumes from these dramas

Ruby Lin in Beauty’s Rival in Palace

Chen Qio En in Beauties of the Emperor


Yuan Shanshan in Beauties of the Emperor

To be frank, I don’t really watch any Japanese costume dramas or movies, but I do feel like the costumes shown are always very similar. I don’t think they had such a big scale of costume variety compared to China. Here are some kimonos from famous Japanese productions I watched.

From the Last Samurai (Hollywood movie)

Memoirs of a Geisha

Yeah, didn’t find great pictures. ._. However, if I only search kimono on google… the pictures are way prettier! :3

Anyway, I am not an expert to judge the quality or the easthetic beauty of the two cultures, so I will let you, the reader, be the judge! Here are some pictures to compare these two styles.

In these following pictures, the Japanese kimonos are on the left, while Chinese costume are on the right.

737a0479jw1erinc0gl90j20c80bvtah 737a0479jw1erinc0r371j20c80bvgna 737a0479jw1erinc0vi1dj20c8096gn1 737a0479jw1erinc1dkb1j20c8096ta7 737a0479jw1erinc1dxwhj20c80bvwga 737a0479jw1erinc1nc31j20c80bvdhc 737a0479jw1erinc1okyvj20c80bvjsw 737a0479jw1erinc17ja3j20c8096mym 737a0479jw1erinc198zaj20c80960u1


So, your verdict is?

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